Checking in From Alaska

Hello folks.  We are now mid-way through our adventure.  We have just disembarked from the Wilderness Discoverer after cruising through the inside passage for 2 weeks.  We have a day in Juneau, then board a different boat – the Wilderness Explorer, for a week long cruise through Glacier Bay and on to Sitka.

Not at all sure how best to share our story, but here are some wildlife photos from the past two weeks.  We haven’t seen a large amount of wildlife, but what we have seen has been outstanding.

Lou took these photos of this bear on the shoreline with the large lens.  These were some of the most popular photos taken during the trip, and he had many requests for copies.  Don’t feel bad for the old goat; it’s the circle of life, you know.


20130519-5D2-6761-2 20130519-5D2-6764-2 20130519-5D2-6770-2



And, for a sweeter look at mother nature, here is a mother sea otter with her baby:

Alaska Landscape-30 Alaska Landscape-31


And, this is another otter that kept popping up to take a closer look at us.  We took these while touring around a secluded bay in a skiff (motorized dinghy):

Alaska Landscape-33



We saw lots of eagles during the trip:

20130526-5D2-0535-2 20130528-5D2-0860-2 20130528-5D2-0861-2 Alaska Landscape-11 Alaska Landscape-24 Alaska Landscape-25


And then, we saw more whales …

Alaska Landscape-27 Alaska Landscape-28 Alaska Landscape-29 Alaska Landscape-36


We also saw lots of intertidal sea creatures along our shore walks and skiff rides – I’ll save those for a later post.

We are looking forward to the coming week, and hoping the weather is at least half as good as what we’ve had so far.  We were fortunate to have sunshine for almost every day during the past two weeks.

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  1. If you went to Disney to see the Goat Show .. you wouldn’t be going on about circle of life! Hah ha!

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