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Grown Up Food

Ha – Cath asks if we are still sleeping. We are just chillin' and enjoying some nice weather. Lou is working on train stuff, and I have been enjoying some games.

I wanted to share a photo of last night's dinner. It was quite delicious. I didn't get a photo of it all together as it cooked, but did get the parts before it was served. Lou made a delicious roast – which had a filling of provolone and spinach (?) – not positive. It was good. He cooked it with a big bunch of carrots and onions, and made gravy. I call this “grown up” food, because Lou has made a few of my favorites this past week – hamburger stroganoff, and sloppy joes! And pizza 🙂


Just Testing

Lovely Apple. After yet another upgrade to their systems, my iPad blogging app is not working. This is just a test to see if it will load a photo.

(Oh – all is well here. We are going into Loncolnville for a rare dinner out)

Hmmm … Seems to work with photos taken from the iPad, but not the phone … Will continue working to figure it out.


Project Upgrade

The work on the master bath redo is going quickly so far. Yesterday was another jack hammering day, but they now have all of the old tile out. The gentlemen working on the remodel are the same ones who did much of the outside work with the stairs and windows in the sunroom, and they are very good. Although they were not having fun getting the old tile out!


New Project Begins

I mentioned before that we are redoing the upstairs bathrooms. The contractor began today at 7:30am. This was followed by hours of jack hammering as he tried to remove the old tile. Photos tomorrow.

Kathy and Steve left yesterday, and the dogs are missing them. They kept me company as I enjoyed a bath in the guest bathroom:


Adventure No. 3

Just didn't think it was possible for life to get any more exciting. Today we had GP visits in the morning, followed by dental visits in the afternoon.

We went to visit Dr. D at 11am. I thought it was odd we both had the same time. OMG – we had a group appointment – I don't know if we got a family rate discount. I guess this is the in thing to do. It was ok, because neither one of was there for anything serious. I could have skipped looking in Lou's ear, but didn't want to hurt the doctor's feelings.

I forgot to take pics at the docs – should have taken a group photo! I did get one at the lab downstairs – you can see this place wasn't designed for tall people:


Just like earlier, there was No One there:


Our dental visits were just typical cleanings – no surprises.

No way I was opening my mouth …


Adventure No. 2 – Defeating the Evil Empire

I ventured out for a second adventure today. Lou stayed home and played with his trains. Today was time to wipe the evil from our house. I was returning all of the Comcast TV equipment and canceling our HGTV (and the rest of the shows). Take that, Evil Comcast!

We will get Dish or something similar when we come back to Florida in December. We just got tired of dealing with Comcast technology (no Anyroom DVRs) and unexplained price increases. Our bill had increased to over $200 a month – even I can't watch that many home decorating and real estate shows.

I ripped the four Comcast boxes (hmmm, that might be part of our high cost – 4 TVs requiring HD boxes). Like the hulk, I carried everything to the car, gearing up for at least an hour long wait at the Comcast office.

Side note: I was supposed to do this before we left for Maine in July. I tried, but at that time I was physically unable to do all the disconnects and cable ripping that needed to be done, and didn't ask Lou because he would think I was a wimp (um, I guess he had probably already figured that out since I hadn't moved from the chair in a month). Having failed to rid the house of Comcast Evil, I have been in the doghouse for the last few months.

Back to today's story. I loaded up the front-end loader at Comcast and pushed my way through the door with my ton of DVRs, HD boxes, and remotes. OK, I just stumbled through the doors, overloaded with everything in a bag. I had elected to go without my scarf. Surely, they would take pity on me and let me skip to the front of the line.

Surprise! There was NO ONE in line. Clearly, no one is spending this summer in South Florida, or the zombie apocalypse hit when we weren't looking. I was beckoned to the counter by a Comcast rep, who was very helpful, in between conversations with co-workers about their social activities.

Mission Accomplished!!! We are free of Comcast TV and I am hopefully out of the doghouse – at least for this transgression. Also demonstrated more evidence of the return to normalcy wrt physical activity.

There are no maple frosted donuts in today's adventure, not that there were any in yesterday's, of course. Beth – can you believe Abby Road is now a very large Dunkin' Donuts???

In other news, Kathy reports she and Steve are being well-supervised by the pups. We sure appreciate their willingness to take care of our trouble makers.