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Home …

We made it back to Maine this past weekend, after an excruciatingly long flight. No problems, just lonnnnggg.

Mij and the dogs seemed to enjoy their visit and we, as always, are extremely grateful for her help and friendship.


I am having leftover chicken tonight, while Lou enjoys fresh tuna. It looks good, but not my thing:

And don't give up – we have more Alaska pics and a couple more guest blogs to come.


Quick Update

The blog is still in progress. Just slow going working on all the pics. I like to get a look at all of them before breaking up into days.

Happy to report my assistant bloggers are busily doing their assignments!

It has been hot here, but just got some rain. Hope that cools it off.


Home Again

We made it home on Tuesday afternoon, and said goodbye to Mij on Wednesday. The pups are missing her, for sure.

I picked up,a cold on the last day of the trip, so have been sleeping 20 hrs a day, but feeling much better today.

Lou took this photo this afternoon, and also came up with the caption:





Merry Christmas Eve

A very very quiet house on Cayman Place

Nothing is stirring, not even a mouse

Papa Lou is preparing the feast

Cause tomorrow is Christmas at our house …


We are enjoying another quiet day, seems odd not to have a house full of company. But we will be seeing family in the spring and summer, and can't wait.

We did get the tree up and decorated. I skipped the second tree upstairs, but we have a nice one sent by Beth and Todd to take its place.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!