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Voting in Maine

A first for us. As official Maine Citizens, we exercised our right to vote today. We may have cancelled each other out in some races, but we voted!

Heading out to vote … a rainy fall day


The parking lot was full! But the line to vote was short, as most were hanging out and visiting with each other


The Town Hall, where the citizens of Northport vote


Official State of Maine Ballot – much shorter than ballots in Florida


We resisted the goodies, but made a donation to the Children’s Christmas Outreach

Even More FALL News …

Backstory … I am trying to eat better and also get more exercise. I do this periodically, but I’m serious this time! (It is okay to smile at this point). I bought a new Apple Watch to track my strenuous workouts.  One of the new features is calling 911 when it detects a major fall (Think … “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”). 


I accidentally called 911 today when playing with some of the watch settings. (I didn’t actually Fall). The dispatcher was very nice, and she asked questions to verify I was not being kidnapped or held against my will. She said this happens often with the Apple Watches. I tried to play this low key with Lou, who was in the garage working on his projects. 

Fast forward almost an hour …

Lou:  “Hey Sharon … the Sheriff is here for you.  You need to come here”

Me:   “Oh sh%t”

The nice Sheriff confirmed I was, in fact, okay. He and Lou then proceeded to bond over their lack of love for Apple products. 


I think I will just put my gadgets away and slink away to my Grandma Cave …

Brief Hello

Hoping everyone is well. We still have some photos to share from Acadia, and we are also seeing more and more color in our neighborhood. 

Just wanted to share this, cause it made me laugh. I routinely get unsolicited emails from Pinterest telling me I need to look at posts … they are usually stuff like designer heels, make up products, etc. Someone has a wicked sense of humor, cause the only things I look at on Pinterest are puppy pics.  

I saw this today, and laughed (yes, outloud):

It’s Project Time!

Back from a little break from blogging. Life is good … just enjoying the warm humid summer!  It is finally cooling off today and should be in the 60s.  

It has been awhile since we’ve had projects going on (other than miniature ones in the train room). It’s been a busy few weeks:



Finally decided to to put a hot tub in, since we are now year rounders. Involved extending and replacing the side deck.  Electrical and reinstallation of railings hopefully completed in the next week or so.  Looking forward to soaking in the hot tub!!!

The other project involves replacing the back deck … the boards were warping.  Will also be setup so water doesn’t drip down to the basement patio.  

Next up is repainting the outside of the house.  Lou is definitely on track with his maintenance checklist!

A Day in the Life …

When you get older, life slows down. The little things mean more and it becomes important to enjoy each day. We do our best.

This pic illustrates a part of our day:

1st … the martini, hand mixed by Lou to celebrate cocktail hour in Florida

2nd … the 3 blue-cheese stuffed olives in the drink … more important than the drink

3rd … the glass … these martini glasses have survived many years and bring memories of good friends

4th… the glass is sitting on my just-received Strategy Guide for my new Video Game. Awesome. Because, I needed more ways to waste hours every day 🙂

5th… and, of course, Princess Natasha lurks, awaiting someone to throw her ball