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Pop Up Advertising Gone Bad

Good Morning! I know not everyone sees humor in the things that make me chuckle, so apologies in advance if you find this post tasteless.

I imagine it is no surprise that I am working on my cooking skills. I usually make one thing, then realize it is too much effort, then go back to video games. But our internet continues to SUCK, so video games are not enjoyable when you lose the connection just as the monsters attack and you get devoured 😱

As I check out resources for my cooking experiments, I ran across this on one guy’s website:

Ewwww … not real appetizing for a food blog. Then I happened to click through a few recipes (I know … crazy!), and found some more gems:


Ewwww again. This poor guy needs to fire his ad company. But then, I started clicking on more recipes, mainly to see what other funny things I saw. I was not disappointed. Hmmmm, maybe this tasteless pop-up ad app is generating extra clicks for his website.


OMG … seriously?


And, just because – one more:


My promise to you … our food/dog/travel blog will forever be free from Pop-Up Ads!!!

Blog Update

On one hand, I feel like I should apologize for inundating you with so many posts these past few weeks. On the other hand, I am feeling very happy about catching up on some of our past trips, and getting the blog organized. Thank you for the continued support! All of these updated reports can be found in the More Travel Stories links on the right hand side of the page.

Week Two of our 2016 Family & Friends Uncruise Adventure is almost complete – just a couple days left to go.

I have also re-organized the 2018 Galápagos Expedition, so it is now easier to follow. And it is never too late if our travel partners would like to share photos or stories.

The posts for our first week of the most recent 2019 Alaska Adventure to Seward and the Kenai Fjords National Park have also been linked together.

Our 2012 Photo Safari to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks has been reorganized and linked to make it easier to find and follow.

There are still more travel stories to organize, but we are making progress! Now to make some plans for new adventures.

Our Stuff Arrives from Florida

We had odds and ends from our ckeanup at the Florida house. Probably stuff we could live without, but some good stuff like Lou’s computers, plotters, and printers. We weren’t expecting it right away, but Lou received a call a few days ago that it was on the way. The truck arrived yesterday, and it was a quick unloading process:

This is the pile of stuff in the garage. Lou had already unpacked 6 boxes – and had the boxes folded and ready for the dump – by the time I took the photo. He doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet.

So what type of stuff did we bring from Florida … here’s a random selection. Good stuff here – Star Wars Christmas Ornaments, my iPad cover made by Olivia, our Quoddy Lighthouse painting, a boat, Mickey & Minnie, some extension cords, my Laser Disc Collection, and more … oh, and a CPC cement sack. Plus Lou’s diplomas.

Blog Stuff

Just a word about a recent organizational change to the Blog. It’s always been annoying to have blog posts go from most recent to older posts, especially when trying to report on a trip that covers several days. I can fake it, and put the wrong date for the post, but this becomes problematic down the road.

I am now using Links – check out the section on the right hand side of the blog called More Travel Stories. Here you can see a list of trips we have taken and reported on. This section existed before, but was used to point you towards trips that were written up on another site … usually blogspot (google’s free blogging software). Now I have added links to trips where all the posts are written up in this blog, but may be spread over a period of time (sometimes a very long time, so long they may actually be in a Galaxy Far Far Away …).

If you go to the link for the first post in a story, you will find a link to the second post for that trip at the bottom of the first post, and so on. I am still organizing older info, and will update the Links section in the coming months.

Why not just continue to make a separate “blog” for each trip like I’ve done in the past? While ideal, this is time consuming and means I have to keep up to date with multiple sites. But the biggest reason is the next topic … security.

Let’s talk about security. I almost gave up the blog because of issues with security, but managed to work through it with the help of our hosting company and a security consultant. Please let me know if you experience any issues when visiting this site. So, I don’t want to risk dealing with security issues on multiple sites.

That’s all the boring admin stuff for now. Let’s get back to pretty pictures, and hoping for lots of fall color soon! It is rainy and windy today, but the leaves are trying to turn to fall colors.

Lonesome George

I just saw a news article about Lonesome George … we met Lonesome George when we were in the Galápagos.  Well, we met his remains. Here is the article from the news article:


Voting in Maine

A first for us. As official Maine Citizens, we exercised our right to vote today. We may have cancelled each other out in some races, but we voted!

Heading out to vote … a rainy fall day


The parking lot was full! But the line to vote was short, as most were hanging out and visiting with each other


The Town Hall, where the citizens of Northport vote


Official State of Maine Ballot – much shorter than ballots in Florida


We resisted the goodies, but made a donation to the Children’s Christmas Outreach