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A Follow Up to Yesterday’s Post

Someone asked how I keep occupied, since Lou seems to have plenty to do. Let’s just say, my activities rank much lower on the productivity scale. I read a lot, but have also been doing some gaming. My latest adventure was Dragon Age II – a romp from Rags to Riches as I became the Champion of Kirkwall, defeating the evil Templars, as well as numerous assorted Monsters, Bandits, and Dragons. You can click the photos to see a larger version. For most of you, who will have no interest whatsoever in this, I will not be offended if you choose to skip this post. I may, however, conjure up a demon or two to visit when you least expect it.

My Party – that’s the group of characters I travel with who help me battle the bad guys; from left to right: Varric the Dwarf, Aveline the Warrior, Merrill the Elven Mage, and Hawke the Soon-to-be-Champion-of-Kirkwall.

An early battle with the Dragon in the Bone Pit (Quarry with oppressed miners).

A particularly nasty battle with a demon. Violence cannot always be avoided.

The final standoff against Meredith, Knight-Commander of the Templars. I use my powers for good and not for evil. I have lost my mind fight to free the Mages, Elves, and Dwarves from the Oppression of the Knights Templar.

There you go – this is one of the ways I entertain myself.  My next adventure will be to tackle The Witcher 2, a game that is more complex than Dragon Age. Role playing games (RPGs in gamer lingo) with good stories are like an interactive movie – choices you make along the way influence the characters and the outcome (this is VERY serious stuff).

Spam-A-Lot – Targeted Marketing Doesn’t Work, Does It?

I know we’re not the only ones getting hit with tons of spam every day. Just for kicks, I went through today’s garbage to find some to share – limiting myself to only 5 (all safe for work and young eyes – fortunately, we don’t get much of the other).

No. 1 – Amazon is really starting to tick me off. We already spend a fortune with them, and they’ve been designated as a recipient in our will. But this targeted ad nonsense is over the top. Todays’ Gem:

Subject: Up to 77% Off Cosmetic Treatments – Palm Beaches

The last time I visited a Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon, I left a good hunk of my forehead behind. No Thanks, Amazon!



No. 2 Did someone share my cooking dreams? I might actually go for this one, if they have a souffle-on-a-stick version.

From: Tasty Pop Top Cakes
Subject: Make delicious bite size cake pops at home

(This isn’t such a terrible idea, but why in Goodness Sake would they send this to me, someone who has never purchased a single cooking-related item in her life?)




No. 3 This one hits just a little close to home. Sure, maybe I could use this, but it’s none of their darned business!

From: Bare Lifts Bras
Suject: Don’t spend Hundreds on specialty bras and lift systems

(hey – do you think these really work???)



No. 4 was very much out of line, especially since I’d just passed on the Bare Lift Bras.

From: Comfy Control Harness
Subject: The new xxx harness that combines comfort with control

Click here to see the accompanying photo, I am just too upset to actually post it here.


No. 5  Who in their right mind would send this to an almost 60 year old bag lady?

Subject: Preorder Gears of War 3

W00T !!! This is L33T !!! *I don’t really talk like that, except when I’m on my headset at 3am totally fraggin’ those 13 year old cyber punks.  New Gears of War – I’m so on this one.

Moral of this story to the marketing spambots – 1 out of 5 ain’t bad.  How are the rest of you doing with your daily spam alottment?


Note:  I am aware of photograph copyrights, and generally try not to steal stuff without permission, or at least giving credit to the source.  BUT – if you’re gonna send me unsolicited emails, I’ll use those photos however I darn well please.