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Splish Splash

Today’s assignment moved beyond capturing motion while pouring a liquid; we were jumping into making a splash. Obviously, we weren’t going to use the cherished china pieces. Milk is a very common liquid used to demonstrate a splash. Dropping a strawberry into the glass of milk is one way to do it. I didn’t have any strawberries, and didn’t want to make a big mess.

I started out very delicately … blueberries in a glass of almond milk (one of my baking supplies):

That was a little too delicate. Changed to a different vessel, hoping to get the blueberries in the milk instead of bouncing off the glass.

That’s better. More action (and more mess). But the white background isn’t working. So I switched it up to black.

Arggghhh … I kept missing the milk. Got frustrated and basically threw the whole damn bunch of blueberries at the same time. Hehe … that is a splash all right. But also one heck of a mess! I think we will table this project for today.

Sweet Tea Memories

Yesterday’s photo assignment was to continue learning to “freeze” the action to display motion. I decided to work with pouring tea, and capturing it mid-pour. The fun part – these china pieces belonged to my Mother and yesterday just happened to be her birthday (Lou and I had a discussion about whether it was still someone’s birthday, if they had passed – we decided the answer was yes ❤️🥰💞)

Snow Day!

Finally woke up to snow. Hopefully it doesn’t warm up and rain later today.

What is Natasha doing down past the first steps? Dora the Explorer is at it again. Stitch went down to round her up.

We will just be enjoying the day.

Lou does his Civic Duty

Lou seems to get a call to jury duty every time we have a trip coming up. No exception, he received the notice, and we were unsure what this would do to our February trip to Arizona. He went today, was there all day, but ended up not getting selected for jury duty. This means he is free from Maine calling him for five years.

Not much new going on. We haven’t felt like eating a lot, so my cooking has slowed down. I did work on some photos today …

Bear Creek Chili with Beans and Rice, No Meat:

And practicing on some tomatoes:

We are hoping to get some snow on Thursday and Friday … looking forward to seeing snow again.

Raspberries Gone Rogue

Today’s assignment was macro photography on food. I performed a scientific experiment and determined that blackberries have a longer shelf life in the fridge than do raspberries … you are welcome, I’m sure that is information people wanted to know.

Nothing else exciting going on. The weather is nice, 25 degrees and sunny, with zero chance of snow.