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Nothing really new. We enjoyed a very nice dinner of leftovers last night, then went to bed before 8:30pm, lol. It was windy and rainy, and bed seemed to be the best place to be. Of course, we both woke up at 4am today.

Lou is diligently working on some new track layout. I have to prod him to give me something to photograph for his fans.

I have spent the last couple of days working on my photoshop exercises … not as fun as actually taking pictures, but worthwhile in the end. This was today’s exercise. And yes, it took all day.

I seem drawn to the apocalyptic or dystopian themes, but that is nothing new. Of course, nothing like a little pandemic to fuel the fire!

Be Safe!

The Great TP Mystery – Part 2

Another trip to the store this morning. Needed to drop off a prescription refill and Lou wanted some Pinto Beans for the Ham & Bean soup he was planning to make.

Beans!!! Those were going fast yesterday. I searched and searched the shelves at Hannafords (our main store) and not a single can of Pinto Beans. So I picked up some alternates.

Continuing through the store, I saw a few more scarce items. Potatoes were gone:

There was lots of bottled water:

Still no Toilet Paper. Obviously people aren’t seriously concerned, because there was still lots of tissues and paper towels. No pic, but the meat was sparse, especially the ground beef, turkey, and such. They were restocking the meat.

Lots of people waiting to check out. This is quite unusual for Hannafords at 9am:

I stopped at our local (small) market, Wentworth’s. They had Pinto Beans although they were – gasp – organic. They still had some smaller packs of TP, and most items were in stock.

Made it home, surviving another outing. Remember, Maine only had two known cases of Coronavirus this morning. I can’t imagine what it is like in states with more cases.

Stay Safe!!! And wash those hands 🥰❤️🤷🏻‍♀️

Who is Hoarding the Toilet Paper?

Don’t get me wrong. I am strongly on the side that says we should take all the health precautions we can right now. It is not about stopping the virus, it is about “flattening” the curve so our medical folks can keep up and give everyone the treatment they need. If you are unlucky and get the virus, do you want to be treated in a hospital, or in a makeshift tent in the parking lot?

So where was I going before I got on the soapbox – which reminds me – wash your hands!!! Oops, sidetracked again. The question I want to ask is, why in the Heck are people hoarding toilet paper? Is it just because the news keeps showing empty TP shelves and people fighting over the last roll? So we all think we need to hoard toilet paper???

I don’t recall TP being the first item to run off the shelves when we used to prep for hurricanes in Florida (vodka was more likely to be in short supply).

As of this morning, there were 3 cases of Coronavirus announced in Maine – and this number was since revised down to 2. So why, when I went to the grocery store, was all the damn TP gone???

The other items soon to be in short supply were beans, flour, sugar. There was still quite a bit of bottled water, although the cheap stuff was going quickly. I kind of see why stuff like beans would go – it is one of the recommended foodstuffs you should have on hand for an emergency. There were lots of vegetables and fruits, and still lots of cookies and wine. This makes me think people were just falling into the social media hype about TP.

Fingers crossed and hoping we will be spared from a severe outbreak of the virus. We are doing our part by cancelling out of state travel and practicing social distancing (not all that difficult in the Maine woods). Of major concern is the economic impact on small and large businesses. Laurie sent this photo – a friend of her sister’s was on a plane loaded for takeoff from LA to Paris on Tuesday. This brings home the economic impact. On the positive side, it also shows how many people are taking the pandemic seriously.

Be safe, friends and family. We will get through this!

Drinks “R” Us

More photography practice today. First was a bottle of Seedlip – say what??? This is a non-alcoholic distilled spirit. Think gin without the alcohol. Hey, I don’t know if it tastes good, but the bottles are very nice. Lou seemed to think it was rather pointless, but he drinks non-alcoholic beer 🤗



And, I also played with a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka. I do know what this one tastes like.




Lou was busy rearranging travel today. We cancelled our April Disney trip, and he was trying to cancel our airplane tickets – 6 hour hold for a Delta agent!!!

Cereal Spashing

This looked a lot easier on YouTube 😂😂😂

My helpers were quite happy to assist with cleanup.

We did take an overnight road trip to the Sugarloaf Ski Area. I will load up a few pics once I get them organized.