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Random Stuff

Today started off on a sweet note. Facebook popped up this memory from 8 years ago:

I forget how Tasha was just a puppy when we took her on the boat for the summer. And, she still waits anxiously for Lou to return if he dare leaves the house.

To fill out the page, I will share my artwork of the day:


The second one is a work in progress. I still have more work to do with the coloring, but happy with it so far:

Be Safe!

A Sea Turtle

One of this week’s iPainting projects was a sea turtle under water. This was a fun one to do, but it took quite a few hours. Just the video tutorial is 1 hr 45 minutes long – and you stop many times to figure out what you are doing. Plus, you are encouraged to venture off and experiment with your own details.

So, here is my effort. Also showing some of the intermediate steps:

I had to restart the turtle 3 times. At first, I tried just tracing the finished product, but it didn’t look right. So I went back to the drawing board and worked on following the steps of the tutorial. And this is what I ended up with:

Be Safe!


Nothing new here. Still on the mountain until tomorrow afternoon. We have had a little rain each day and temperatures are pleasant.

This photo shows Stitch last night. He knew there were extra treats on top of the dresser, so when he got in bed, he spent about 10 minutes staring at it to see how he could snag more cookies. (Sorry Stitch, not your best angle).

Saw some nice photographs of loons, so spent some time doing this iPainting …

Lou also found a loon web cam that shows some babies hatching: looncam

Be Safe!

Enjoying the Mountain Life

We are up in the mountains for a few days. Lou had lots of stuff he wanted to bring up to get the kitchen and some other stuff organized. I think he is almost fully stocked now – I can attest to the fact he has cooked two really good dinners. The following pic was taken after he and Teresa put most stuff away. Teresa came up to make sure we were properly cleaning everything 😉 and because she can’t be away from Stitch for long.

This is what it looks like downstairs on the sofa at 4am … our king sized bed will be here in a few weeks, and it is eagerly anticipated.

And my latest painting effort on the iPad:

Be Safe!

Recording History

No, this is not a profound post about the goings on in the world. I think everyone is seeing and feeling enough of that right now. Just hoping everyone stays safe. Worried people are forgetting the coronavirus is still out there!

The good thing about doing this blog for almost 10 years is being able to go back and look at memories from years ago. The bad thing is, being able to go back and look at memories. I have started playing around with drawing on my iPad. I have no artistic skill whatsoever, but I can kind of follow directions. So, I drew an Apple. This was lesson one.

And then I remembered, I had tried to learn to draw years ago, and I captured that starting memory here. I wanted to be able to share my progress with everyone. Hehe. There was no progress. Here is that post from 2011. I didn’t get very far after my first apple:

I don’t know that I will get a lot farther now, but it is fun for the time being. Technology has come a long ways, and that will help. I can always reach out to the true artists in the family, Olivia and Tory, if I get stuck.