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Famous Last Words

I thought I was going to breeze through the aftermath of my last treatment, since I felt really good for the first 4 days or so. Whew – it got me down starting this past Monday. Nothing terrible, just lots of aches and an overwhelming desire to sleep. Finally started feeling better yesterday, and better yet today. Annoying, but apparently a necessary part of the recovery process.

This is pretty much how I felt the past few days:

Tropical Depression Arthur didn't leave much rain for us in Southeast Florida. We did have some thunderstorms, but not ones that lasted for days. And, it did stop raining on Sunday when we went to Alan and Joan's for dinner – which was tasty and an enjoyable evening.



Rather than respond to individual comments, I'll take a moment to do it here.

From Baldie – thanks so much for all the nice comments 🙂 I always wanted to be a dimpled pumpkin!

About Moose Hunting – seeing a moose really isn't that big of a deal, it just seems we don't have much luck. We went all the way to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and saw ONE moose. And that was an old one just lying down all day:


We had a little more luck in Alaska, getting three glimpses of moose while traveling around the state:


We will continue looking for the illusive Bullwinkle …


Alive and Well and …

Thought I'd better put up a new post because I've had numerous emails from folks checking on us. All is well – we are both fine. As usual, I've had a few more days of serious napping, but am feeling almost normal this week. Lou continues to take care of the details of our lives, like shopping, cooking, and dog walking. He also finished the cathedral, and gave me some pics to post, so those will be coming soon.

I don't want to upset anyone, and I certainly don't want to scare anyone. But, it's time – time to share the new me:






Pretty cute, huh? I am so used to it now, I don't even think about it. Have to remember to put a scarf on before I answer the door – don't want to give the UPS man a heart attack. Lou tolerates me going topless (no scarf or wig) around the house. He routinely shakes his head and says, “I can't believe how much you look like Buster (my Dad).” I need to get some old pics out for comparison.

Thursday is my LAST treatment. Yay! We plan to leave a week or two after that to head North, depending on what the doc says.


Comfort Food

We are getting lots of rain and thunder – it must be summer time in Florida.

Things are pretty much the same here – naps for me, errands and train work for Lou.

Lou made delicious grilled chese sandwiches for lunch:



Just wanted to check in so no one was concerned about us 🙂


Very Quick Post

Excellent day today. Stayed awake the whole day after a good night's sleep, and drank lots of water, ate normal food. Spent the afternoon playing a video game, which is an improvement in ability to concentrate.

Lou took the dogs in for the bath, slipped off to the train store, and cooked us up some Mexican (non-spicy) food for dinner.

So, all in all a nice day.


Scenes from Wolfenstein: The New Order


Still nothing new to report

We continue our exciting daily routine. Boring is not all bad, but I think we are both ready to get a move on and head north to Maine.

We heard from friends in Maine that the black flies are bad this season. Probably better than all the gators we have in the back right now.

Gators added 6/2:

This is one of the little guys in the swamp – there are quite a few of these swimming around out there.  You can see he’s not too big when compared to the duck merrily floating near him:







This one is a really big old guy.  He was shy – every time I tried to step up on the hill to get his photo, he would dive under the water.  Lou saw him later lounging in the sun on dry land – on our side of the water!!!







Some of you may recall this photo from back in 2012 – this is one of the bigger fellows we had hanging around out back.  He was probably at least 10 ft. long.  I think they actually came and trapped him to take him somewhere else.

large gator