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Another Day, Another Adventure

We started this morning with another beautiful humid Florida morning (I like the humidity, someone else does not). I had an early appointment at the lab for bloodwork. Lou had an early appointment with his train layout.

I decided I would not wear my Buff (scarf) into the lab. I should not be scary to people in a medical facility. Even though I like the humidity, it gets a tad uncomfortable with a scarf when it is hot outside. Success – I don't believe I scared anyone in the lab (mostly because there was no one there – this is South Florida in the summer; it's still deserted).

My lab work was completed so quickly I had time for a stop at Dunkin' Donuts for coffee. Of course, I had no intention of getting a maple frosted donut, even though it is my favorite in the whole world, and I had just been fasting for 12 hours. I mean, one of my lab tests was for glucose levels, so of course I wouldn't be silly enough to get a maple frosted donut. Of course not!

Sorry, got sidetracked there. I had fully intended to put my head scarf on to go into the Donut Store. Picture it – I don't quite have the G.I. Jane look going yet, and the sides are gray, so I may even have a bit of The Walking Dead Zombie aura going on. And then, I thought, maybe they give free donuts to zombies (even though, of course, I wasn't having a donut). Oh heck, I don't know anyone in there! Stop over thinking this and just walk on in.

I go in without the scarf – but with my Maui Jim's (that's sun glasses) jauntily pushed up on my head – I'm rockin' the almost bald Grandma look. There's a good-sized line. And no, elderly zombies got no free donuts and no line cuts today! As I approach the counter, I hear a voice I recognize. Oh my God – there is someone in here I know. Fortunately, he was with colleagues and didn't notice me, or just ignored me too.

I then went to my dermatologist's appointment and was told my skin was in the best shape ever. Well, gee, that's nice. But, I think I'll skip the skin-enhancing chemo treatments in the future.

I realize there are no photos to accompany this entry. I would have taken a photo of the maple frosted donut, but of course, there wasn't one. So instead, here's a sneak peak of the top of my head:



Thanks for following along. I apologize for doing yet another entry all about me. Lou either doesn't have adventures, or is just not willing to share.


The Project is ON …

Lou has restrained himself with respect to outside projects (although I've heard rumors of Apple Trees coming soon). We have agreed to redo the upstairs bathrooms. There are two issues – we don't like the finishes the prior owners used, and there is no bathtub in the Master Bath. Photos to come once the project starts.

I was assigned to look for tubs. Which I did, picking out something very basic and simple. Then, I kept getting unsolicited ads for this tub:

I do not mean to be at all disrespectful to those who benefit from a tub like this. In fact, that could very well be me at some point in the future. What annoys me is the Orwellian spy network out there, deciding who should see what ads.

To be fair, the step-in tub ad showed up at the same time a message with this subject showed up in my inbox:


I don't make any of this stuff up …


We are off to Moose Head (or is it Moosehead?) Lake this weekend to celebrate the nuptials of Emily & Ben. I hope we see a moose.

(edit: I would like to see a moose, but obviously we are going to see the happy couple's wedding – didn't want to give the wrong impression!)

Another Milestone

Today turned out to be another good day. I realized it was Windjammer Festival Weekend in Camden, and when I checked, saw that the fireworks were tonight. This morning, I told Lou I was going to go take some photos. He looked at me like I was crazy, probably thinking I’d forget by evening.

I still felt good this evening, so loaded up my tripod and headed into Camden to the marina. Lou stayed home with the pups. He was, I think, nervous about me heading off by myself (not sure if he was nervous that I would or wouldn’t come home … )

Windjammer Fireworks-1Anyway, long story short, it was a fun evening. The fireworks were much better than last year’s July 4th fireworks. Here’s a quick pic. Still have to go through the rest of them. So, getting a photo of the fireworks was not the milestone – me making a plan, actually leaving the house, and returning safely all constitute a milestone and improvement in activity level.

Another Quick Update

Apparently some folks thought the reason the blog isn't being updated regularly is because we (probably mostly me) weren't feeling well. I'm actually feeling better every day. Lou has been busy working around the house (he always finds something that needs doing). I have been involved with a new video game – which is an indication that I'm feeling better, as before I didn't have much interest in games or even reading a book.

Here's Stitch, bored because no one will play with him:

Thanks for the supportive comments on the bald look. Lou says he does not see any signs of hair – he just isn't looking closely enough!

A Quick Update

Lou said I better put something on here, so here's a quick update. I still have to answer the mystery food question, and I have a pretty rainbow pic, but I need to get the pics off the laptop first.

All is well. I am sitting here in a sweatshirt this evening because it's cold!!! Lou (and the dogs) are in bed already.

Today's topic is one I know y'all want to know about – hair. My hair is finally starting to grow back just a little – I'm sprouting little bits on top. It looks like it's coming in dark on top, gray on the sides – just like before. From what I've read, it may be slow going for another month or so, then it might seem to be growing much faster. It's kind of hard to see in this pic, but I'll post it for comparison purposes in a month or two:


This is the look I'm going for – don't know if I can pull it off without the red lipstick, not goin' there:


I'll probably be lucky to get this much hair in 6 months (better start eating my yogurt):



Nothing New

I do have to apologize for the lack of blogging activity. Life has been kind of dull. Lou has been going into Camden every day to prepare the boat so we can try to sell it.

The dogs then spend their time in the kitchen window waiting for him to come home.

Today we all took a ride into Belfast, then played “chase the tennis ball” on the deck. Natasha is now passed out from the excitement, and Stitch is glued to Lou's side:


Maybe things will pick up tomorrow, since Kathy and Steve are coming for a visit!