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Life at the Homestead

Just some random updates from Northport. I broke my 10 day blogging streak – have been under the weather this week. Started a new medication for my diabetes, and it has some side effects for the first couple of weeks (hoping they go away). Not really too bad, but haven’t slept well which adds to my zombie like energy levels. Lou has been doing well – then yesterday he slipped on the stairs, so once again has a very sore butt. (He was wearing new slippers and the soles were slipperier than he thought. And yes, slipperier is a real word).

I will post an update on my adventures with Type 2 diabetes later, and will update on Lou. So far he is just pretty sore and can’t find a comfortable sitting position.

Last week, I was amazed at the longevity and resiliency of the hydrangea blooms. Wondering if they ever die?

Today I noticed they might finally be going to bed for the winter:

There is probably a poetic metaphor for the decaying hydrangeas, but let’s not go there today 😉 They are actually very pretty, and it is interesting to see some little bits still don’t want to give up.

Stay Safe ❤️

Random Stuff

Our biggest accomplishment in July was getting the cars detailed. My Jeep looks pretty good for a seven+ year old car. The real improvement is in the inside – all shined up and not full of the stuff I had collected in the last year or two. I told Kathy, “Lou’s Denali is once again FBI ready.”

The hydrangeas are out again – do these just bloom over and over again?

Another random tidbit – Lou finally received his order of anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer. He uses this particular brand of Purell and it has been hard to get. We are hoping the supply chain is getting back to normal – fingers crossed things don’t get crazy again.

And, a final thought for the day … June and July went by in about 30 seconds. I am worried it might be October by the time we finish our coffee …

We are Famous … (not really)

Our house showed up in the latest issue of Downeast Magazine.  Nicole, one of the people we work with at Camden National Bank, needed a house as a backdrop for an article in the magazine. It was a pretty lousy day when they came to photograph, and much of the scenic snow had disappeared. We just saw the photo – it came out nice given what a bad day it was. The article was about whether it is the right time to refinance. Nicole said her coworkers were teasing her about being a cover model. 



This is a different view of the house than you normally see, as I usually focus on the driveway or the side yard.  The photo above is the one in the online version, the print version shown below:



Be Safe !!!

Important Things in Life …

Coffee, tea, and biscuits – the essentials. 

Reporting in to say Lou apparently had no adverse reaction to the vaccine. In fact, knock on wood, neither of us have become afflicted with any mysterious maladies for a whole week.  We are hoping to get to the cabin next week.


Be Safe!!!



Happy Friday!


We seem to be on a positive track as we end another winter week in Maine. It is very cold, and sunny with occasional snow flurries. Lou continues to regain his mobility, and my de-cataracted eyes are healing nicely. 

Here are a few pup pictures, just because that is all we have going at the moment …



Where’s the Princess?  Natasha loves to go all the way to the edge of the property … fortunately, I was able to reign in Dora the Explorer, and she never got out of sight  


Another short video
 – I just learned last week about holding the photo capture button down to take a short video – so I was practicing. Sometimes my subjects do not cooperate, or they decide to add their own special flair.  Thank you, Stitch.




Be Safe!!!




It has been a little hot, but still managed to get outside two days in a row. Joined my friend Pat yesterday and we walked about 2 miles over the Belfast foot bridge and along the old rail road path.

After our walk, we went and checked out the boat. It was good to be outside and go for a walk. Today, I played golf … 18 holes … tired after, for sure.

I asked Lou what he did today, but he said he mostly went around in circles. I know he was dealing with social security, paying bills, and getting his car serviced … and, he did cook a nice dinner last night.

We had a good visit with Steve and Kathy, as they spent the night before Steve’s doctor’s appointment in Portland. We will hopefully see them for a longer visit next week.

Be Safe!