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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. Kathy and Steve joined us and Kathy provided assistance to the chef, making her own specialties. Everything was delicious. Dinner was on the table by 6pm !!!

The Turkey was a work of art:



Guest Blog by Natasha

Hi Everybody!!!  Natasha here.  I haven’t been allowed to do a Guest Blog for a long time.  I think they were afraid of what I’d have to say about that pesky Stitch … the interloper in my Princess Life.  But today I have some Really Really Really Important News. I am Seven Years Old today !!! It’s my Birthday. Time to celebrate 🎉.  I’m still waiting for my presents, and cake and ice cream too. I’m sure it is coming. I wanted a new Princess Tiara, but I think they are saving that for Christmas. 

What else can I tell you about me?  I’m still very cute. I like to snuggle and cuddle. What’s that you say, “Am I well behaved?”  Well that depends on your definition of being good. Maybe I do want to jump in people’s laps and kiss them. But what’s wrong with that?  Oh, the barking – well that’s not really my fault. HE starts it …

That’s my brother Stitch … also known as the giant slug. He sleeps a lot.  I get so tired of hearing “awww look at Stitchy, isn’t he cute.”  He’s not freaking cute!  He’s just a sluggo. He only wakes up when someone comes in the driveway so he can start barking. And I am the one who gets in trouble. Sheesh … brothers!


And here is another example.  Notice I am the one at attention, stalking that squirrel on the railing. What is he doing?  Just lounging like usual.  What’s that?  You wanna know what that roll is above my tail?  Don’t worry about it, I’m on a new workout program!






I don’t have much more to say. Except I want to shout out to my Sister Hannah. She sent me my very own Birthday Greeting today. Hey, it’s her birthday too!!! Happy Birthday Hannah.  


Thanks for visiting my Guest Blog!  I want to share a few more pics … of me!  I’m stunning, I know.  These photos were taken before He-who-shall-not-be-named arrived on the scene.  He gets to be in all the photos now cause he’s so cute (confession … he is kinda cute, just not quite as cute as me).


And, we had snow today for my Birthday. I love snow!!!

First Snowfall

We enjoyed a few inches of snow on Friday. Not enough to be troubling, but it was pretty while it was snowing.  There is still some on the ground but it is melting since it was sunny today – but only 34 degrees. 

The dogs get reacquainted with snow




The realities of of snow and ice – this was today before we made a trip to Home Depot:


Voting in Maine

A first for us. As official Maine Citizens, we exercised our right to vote today. We may have cancelled each other out in some races, but we voted!

Heading out to vote … a rainy fall day


The parking lot was full! But the line to vote was short, as most were hanging out and visiting with each other


The Town Hall, where the citizens of Northport vote


Official State of Maine Ballot – much shorter than ballots in Florida


We resisted the goodies, but made a donation to the Children’s Christmas Outreach