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Our Favorite Bridge

Today’s destination was the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and the town of Bucksport. Teresa and her husband, Robert, joined us.

Pablo brought the boat from Belfast to our dock, since it is easier to load the dogs from home. Everybody had a good time. We had a sandwich picnic once we got to the Bridge. The dogs were well behaved and enjoyed their cruise.

Be Safe!

Yay – Boat Day!

We finally got the pups out on the boat for their introduction. Lou and Pablo were going over some of the boat systems, and I got to speed around in the dinghy.

The dogs were a little tentative at first, but Stitch found out he could run around the entire outside of the boat and he did that a number of times. I think Natasha was a little upset that it wasn’t “her” big boat 😊. She did fine, she just didn’t explore a lot. Plus, she had a vet visit this morning and had quite a few shots.

Here are a bunch of photos:

Be Safe !!!

Today’s Surprise

Just before sunset today, we looked outside and saw this:





This just might be our new boat, being delivered from Portland to Belfast. More to come this weekend … Due to uncertainty with the weather, we had someone else bring it from Portland when today looked ok. These photos were snapped as Pablo zipped by our house. 

Fall in Boston

Our friend Laurie lives in a high rise apartment in Boston, and has been documenting the fall colors as they arrive. I know folks from the West Coast like to see how the leaves change, so Laurie was kind enough to share her photos for today's Guest Blog. There are a couple of other cool photos as well.

Thanks, Laurie! Now I just need to get Kathy's permission to share some of her photos, too 🙂


Deja Vu

Today we drove over to Loggerhead Marina. Promise Promise arrived yesterday. We are in Slip B10 – just one or two down from where we were when we first got the boat.

We have had it with a broker, and we will sell it if the right buyer comes along. But, no hurry. Our plan is to get a much smaller boat for use in Maine. If PP doesn't sell, we will use it when we are in Florida.

Lou is going to meet Captain Matt at the boat tomorrow to give it a good check up.


Bye Bye

First, I will respond to the mystery questions Tiny brought up about our dinner out, but that will be tomorrow. Tonight, I will share the last photos Lou took of Promise Promise, as she (the boat) left Camden Harbor:

We have decided to sell the boat (and get a smaller one), so the broker who is handling this set off for Annapolis yesterday. There is a boat show there where they will try to sell it. If it doesn’t sell this summer, we will just bring it in down to Florida.

A little sad, but we just don’t need the big boat and two houses!