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Flowers Again

The only news we have is our weather forecast. We may see a big snowstorm this weekend. Some say 5-8 inches, others say up to a foot. They haven’t been very accurate with forecasts so far. We will be prepared.

I have my third set of flowers – the fourth and last assignment is due this week. I have learned a lot. I did not know I would be in the midst of slaying diabetes when I signed up for the course, so my time has been more limited than I would have liked. I may sign up for a follow up course in the spring or summer when I don’t have to use grocery store flowers!

This was the winning image for the week:

Sisters Home Safely

We received text messages at 1am saying the Sisters had arrived home safely. Glad they had a trouble free trip.

i did not post my flower photos from Lesson 2, so here they are. This was a fun week, because Catherine & Beth were here. They picked out my flowers at the grocery store, and then critiqued my efforts as I was working on the lesson.

The critique I received for Lesson 2 was generally favorable. The instructor pointed out something I can improve in each of the images, and this was helpful. I like this format of following a lesson, then submitting images for critiques.

Off to finish up the flowers for Lesson 3. We might also do a family outing to Home Depot – that is still up in the air.

Stay Safe!

Flowers 📸

I am taking a flower photography course. Yes, a flower course in Maine in January! Kathleen Clemons just happens to be from Maine as well. She is quite well known in the world of flower photography, and it is difficult to get a spot in her classes, so January it is. This is a four week course, and the instructor is very involved with presenting lessons, leading discussions, and critiquing our photos.

Many photography courses are just a series of videos with examples. This one is nice because for each lesson, we are asked to upload five photographs of flowers we have taken that week. Kathleen then does a critique of the student’s photographs. She captures a video as she is doing our critiques, so it is a very personalized experience.

I bought my flowers at Hannaford’s grocery store, which means they aren’t very exciting, but I still had fun with lesson 1. Here are my five images:

I didn’t take as much time as I wanted with this first lesson. I signed up for the course four months ago, and had no idea I would be in the midst of a major late-life crisis, I mean lifestyle challenge. But, I managed to put aside my glucose monitor and cycling cleats for a few hours in order to complete the lesson.

I received my critiques this morning, and I was happy with the results. Kathleen is very thorough and helpful, and I found it worthwhile. She is very good at pointing out mistakes without hurting your feelings. One of the things she does is pick her favorite of your five images. She said I made that hard for her (because she liked several, not because she couldn’t find one good one 😂. I imagine she says that to everyone). Guess which one she picked?

Kathleen picked the tulip. She liked the composition and the background. She also liked the red color and the texture of the flower. She said it is often hard to photograph red.

Here is a slideshow of some of Kathleen’s flower portraits from her gallery:

Identifying Flowers

Kathy wanted all the flowers identified … here is the best I could do …

More from the Botanical Gardens

Here are some more photos from our tour – I will include several clickable galleries. There was a nice Visitor Center and Gift Shop at the entrance to the gardens. Once inside, you were free to wander along many different paths. We didn’t see it all, but enjoyed what we did see.

Beautiful flowers were along all of the paths, even coming from the parking lot to inside the gardens. You can get quite close to the flowers, so next time I will bring the real camera.

The Giant Trolls are a new attraction at the gardens. There are five of them and they each share a different aspect of forest lore about trees. … you can read more about the trolls here – Guardians of the Seeds. They are a very big hit with kids. We managed to find four of the five trolls. We saw the fifth troll, but made a tactical error by turning right to the fairy house village (1 of 4 stars). Then someone in our party needed to find a restroom so we left the missing troll (the last photo in the gallery) for next time 😂

On the way out of the gardens (our one complaint – the way to the exit was not well-marked), Kathy found a pretty little bird, I found some bees, and we checked out a few more flowers.

It was quite a successful visit to the gardens, and I thank Kathy & Steve for kidnapping me. We stopped in Camden for lunch, and closed the day with pizza for dinner!