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Anyone who wants a Test can get a Test …

I wanted to get a Covid test after being locked in the spa for 3 weeks. I thought I could just get one at the hospital on Tuesday when I had to get lab testing done. Nope – Maine Health (the system our PCP and hospitals are in) only does Covid testing for symptomatic peeps.  Our doctor gave us the name of a clinic that does the testing. I called and signed us up. Two days later they called to schedule our tests for … Friday.  So, we got home from the Spa on Sunday, Monday was a Holiday, and Tuesday was when we started the process. Actual testing – Friday, four days after I first called. 


We went to the clinic on Friday morning. I went in to check in … process was easy peasy.  They gave me clipboards with some papers we had to sign.  But what a deal – Covid testing was free for both of us. I went back to the car and we waited just a few minutes for the Covid Collector to come for the harvesting process…

I then had my turn. Yuck. Not the most fun ever, but we both survived, and were told 3-5 days for results.  We saw these cute bears, who were setting a good example by wearing their masks:


The weekend passed. Monday went by. Tuesday all day… no news.  6pm Tuesday, Lou gets a call — he is negative!!!  Ten, fifteen minutes go by. No call for me. Lou tells me it is because they call the positives last. Haha. All these comedians. I did get a call … and I am also Negative !!! Yay, only 8 days from my first call for a testing appointment.

Anyone who wants a test can get a test — it just might take a week or two. And Maine is well above the national average for testing.

Be Safe !!!


Lou does Detail Work

Captured Lou diligently working on some electrical connections for the Maine Midcoast RR:

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? I did go to the grocery store this morning. It wasn’t too crowded, but people were moving so slowwwwwww. It seemed to take forever, but shouldn’t complain because most everything was in stock. Prices are definitely going up!

Be Safe!

Just Stuff

Nothing really new. We enjoyed a very nice dinner of leftovers last night, then went to bed before 8:30pm, lol. It was windy and rainy, and bed seemed to be the best place to be. Of course, we both woke up at 4am today.

Lou is diligently working on some new track layout. I have to prod him to give me something to photograph for his fans.

I have spent the last couple of days working on my photoshop exercises … not as fun as actually taking pictures, but worthwhile in the end. This was today’s exercise. And yes, it took all day.

I seem drawn to the apocalyptic or dystopian themes, but that is nothing new. Of course, nothing like a little pandemic to fuel the fire!

Be Safe!

Better than Raspberries

Taking some pics of the buildings Lou has been working on. These are from model kits where he puts everything together, paints them, puts in windows, and more. The larger one is the rectory that goes with the church – have shown that before, but will show it again soon. (Click to expand images)