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Catching Up

We have been living life in the slow lane this past week. The plan is to go back to Northport on Monday.

We had a few inches of snow when we got here, and have had a couple mornings of flurries:

But the snow is almost all gone by today, since it has warmed up and rained.

Last night we went back to the Coplin Dinner House. The food was just as good! Here is the view of our place as we pulled out of the driveway – it is only 5pm, and you can see how dark it is.

And, the reason you all visit the blog – here is what we had to eat. Lou started with tuna, followed up with lobster bisque (the usuals), and completed his meal with a new item – schnitzel. It was all delicious, according to Lou.

I started with a salad, and chose the chicken saltimboca for my main course. The chicken was very good, and aI had leftovers for lunch.

Stay Safe!


Thank you for all of the nice Anniversary wishes. Reporting in on our dinner last night at Coplin Dinner House in Stratton. It was exceptional. So far, we have only had one meal that didn’t meet expectations in our six visits. Dinner was so good, we are going back this coming Thursday. Still time to fly in and join us!

Lou changed it up. He started with oysters, then had the veal chop. He said both were delicious.

1⁄2 Dozen ~Winterport Oysters On –The-Half-Shell
Mignonette, Cocktail Sauce, Horseradish
Chargrilled 1 lb. Veal Chop
Blue Cheese, Demi-Glace, Scallions, Mashed Root Vegetables

They did not have halibut on the menu, so I tried something different. Two appetizers – both were delicious, and this was plenty of food for me. The butter sauce from the mushroom pasta dish was also perfect with a delicious piece of fresh-baked bread. I did limit myself to just one piece 😉

Seared Short Rib Wontons
Hoisin, Chili Aioli, Peanuts, Scallions, Pickled Vegetables
Porcini Mushroom Sacchetti
Mushroom Pasta “Purses”, Fried Sage Brown Butter

And just to top it all off, Lou made fresh scones to start this morning off:

Cranberry Orange scones from the Scone Goddess mix. Lou prefers neat and trim to the more haphazard sizing of the scones when you don’t use a pan. I will eat them either way!!!

Stay Safe!

45 Years 🙀🥸🍾🥂❤️❤️

Today is one of those rare days. Our Anniversary falls on the day after Thanksgiving AND November 25th (our actual wedding date). Historically, we just picked the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate.

We are somewhat surprised we made it this far 😉 and are looking to 45 more.

Lou gets credit for remembering the day before I did – this is unusual! We are going to the Coplin Dinner House tomorrow to celebrate.

I wanted to include a wedding photo, but we are in the mountains so I don’t have all my photos. We will have to celebrate with one of the three photos we have of the two of us:

Stay Safe!

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Hoping everyone had a nice day with family and friends.

We had a quiet day. I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. That meant I ordered it ahead of time, and drove up to the restaurant by the ski lifts to pick up dinner this morning. That is kind of where my “being in charge” ended. I was under the impression this was pretty much a precooked dinner that just needed re-heating – like we occasionally got from Publix in Florida.

Oops – this was actually a “Hello Fresh” style dinner. They prepared the individual dishes in their raw form – and there was cooking required. Lou stepped in to save the day. The Turkey was good – we got a nice breast and a turkey leg with thigh, on top of some veggies. Green Beans and Sweet Potato casserole were good. The “smashed potatoes” were loaded – way overloaded – with garlic. Same for the dressing and gravy. So those items did not make the cut. When I say garlic, I am talking full garlic cloves.

It wasn’t perfect, but it counts as an adventure. We got plenty to eat. The kitchen is mostly clean, and we have enough turkey left for sandwiches tomorrow.

We are staying in the mountains for the next week or so. Looking forward to more relaxing. Both dogs are doing well, except they want to go out in the snow every 5 minutes.

Stay Safe!

Hello Friends & Family

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? This year went by soooo fast. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the day.

We drove up to the cabin yesterday, after Lou’s PT and dog grooming. They needed it, since they missed their previous appointment due to their varied health issues. We timed it right – very little traffic and the roads were clear of ice and snow. Cecil was at our house when we arrived, and he said there were several bad accidents in the morning.

The Princess continues to improve. Here she is yesterday – she is not in pain, she is just mad that she can not ride in the front seat. This is the typical Tasha, so that is quite an improvement over last week.

Some views from the ride – we have a few inches of snow on the ground. And a little ice, since it is still quite cold.

The ski area is open, and it would be wonderful to get more snow.

We are doing something different – I am in charge of dinner tomorrow. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Adding tonight’s dinner – it was excellent. Scallops in butter and angel hair pasta:

Stay Safe!

Life Stuff

The last post was about our snow stuff. This one is an update on mostly dog stuff. Stitch continues to do really well. He occasionally over does it, but recovers quickly. Two weeks ago, Natasha had an issue where she just sort of froze up, and wouldn’t do steps, and just stood there with her head down and tail between her legs. A trip to the vet indicated a possible back strain. She did better, then on Thursday she went back to zombie princess dog. All she would do is stand there, and look like a character in the Walking Dead. Back to the vet on Saturday. X-rays were taken. We are awaiting results from the radiologist, but Dr. Blake saw nothing crazy from his look. It could be a back strain or a disk issue.

She is on some better pain meds, a muscle relaxer, and prednisone. After 24 hours, she is acting more normal. Still obviously has some pain issues, but she is less zombie-like. Natasha is quite a drama queen, so it is hard to judge how serious this issue is. We just know she hurts, and fortunately the meds seem to help. So I have barely slept the last few nights, as I keep an eye on her. This of course impacts Lou, since my iPhone is shining in his eyes. Life is a joy currently 😁😂🍷🍷🍷

But there is some good news! A few months ago, Louie sent us a surprise pack of stroganoff hamburger helper. I think this is when I was in my major stroganoff phase. Lou cooked up the package last night, and it was quite good. We are having leftovers tonight. We did have a vegetable with it – peas.

We will keep you updated on how Natasha is doing. She is my ❤️ dog, but I know she can also be the most annoying dog, bless her spoiled self.

We are planning to go to the cabin for Thanksgiving, fingers crossed that all will be healthy. I am in charge of Thanksgiving, so you definitely want to stay tuned for that!!!

Stay Safe!!!