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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Hoping everyone had a nice day with family and friends.

We had a quiet day. I was in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. That meant I ordered it ahead of time, and drove up to the restaurant by the ski lifts to pick up dinner this morning. That is kind of where my “being in charge” ended. I was under the impression this was pretty much a precooked dinner that just needed re-heating – like we occasionally got from Publix in Florida.

Oops – this was actually a “Hello Fresh” style dinner. They prepared the individual dishes in their raw form – and there was cooking required. Lou stepped in to save the day. The Turkey was good – we got a nice breast and a turkey leg with thigh, on top of some veggies. Green Beans and Sweet Potato casserole were good. The “smashed potatoes” were loaded – way overloaded – with garlic. Same for the dressing and gravy. So those items did not make the cut. When I say garlic, I am talking full garlic cloves.

It wasn’t perfect, but it counts as an adventure. We got plenty to eat. The kitchen is mostly clean, and we have enough turkey left for sandwiches tomorrow.

We are staying in the mountains for the next week or so. Looking forward to more relaxing. Both dogs are doing well, except they want to go out in the snow every 5 minutes.

Stay Safe!

Grillin’ Again

Lou was determined not to let recovery get in the way of steaks for 4th of July. He figured out how to maneuver his walker on the deck. I did help by bringing the steaks out to the bar-b-que, a job Stitch was aching to do.

We had a nice dinner. Lou is able to sit at the table, which he prefers. I like to sit in the recliner and watch Maine Cabin Masters.

We watched fireworks from our bedroom window later in the evening. Lou is happy with the knee’s recovery. He has a slight hiccup with the ankle on his “good” leg. He must have rolled it at some point as it is swollen and sore.

Sharing an excerpt of life these days. I came down to the kitchen, after Lou had come down and made his coffee. I saw this, and immediately thought, “He’s back.”

This is what the coffee caddy looks like after I have been unsupervised for a few days:

Stay Safe!

A Surprise Storm

We were just hanging out yesterday when it began to rain, and then it came down fast and furious. Here is a very short video – best with sound on.

The brief storm happened at 1:45pm. Fortunately, the skies cleared by 5pm when we set out for our birthday celebration. We were looking forward to going out to eat, since it had been awhile.

We have been to the Coplin Dinner House four times, and it has been excellent each time. It started off fine, with appetizers, soup, and salad. Then we had some surprises. We both decided to change things up. I picked the filet mignon instead of fish. This turned out to be a mistake. I don’t think there was anything wrong with my meat, but I didn’t care for it, as it was very strong and not quite as tender as I expected. Possibly because it was Black Angus beef, I dunno.

Lou’s dinner arrived and his New Zealand lamb chops looked suspiciously like Prime Rib. He ended up taking the Prime Rib, since the waitress had messed up the order, and he didn’t want to wait for them to start over. This was a disappointment, made worse because he didn’t care for the prime rib. It was fatty and undercooked (which, for Lou, means it must have come straight out of the freezer).

The crazy thing about Lou’s order – he had discussed the Rack of Lamb with the waitress, because he initially didn’t see it on the menu. She assured him they had it and pointed it out on the menu. At no time did prime rib enter into the discussion. Oh well. She made a mistake. It happens. She appreciated Lou being a good sport.

Even with the disappointing entrees, we had a good time. It was nice to get out of the house, to not have to cook or clean-up, and to not be stared down by soulful cocker spaniel eyes.

We are chalking the mishaps up to them just re-opening, after being shut down for almost two months after the close of the ski season. We were thankful we didn’t have guests, since all we have done is rave about this restaurant.

We packed up this morning and came back to the coast. we had a good visit at the cabin and will post a few more flower photos tomorrow.

Stay Safe!

Happy Birthday to Lou 🎉

Today just happens to be Lou’s birthday. We don’t have any wild plans, but will be going out to dinner. Which, for us, is kind of wild these days.

Lou has been busy this past week, and got a lot done. He has printed out and framed up a number of our photos, which really helps to personalize the cabin. He also put together a filing cabinet for his office. I haven’t accomplished much, other than taking the dogs out and trying to keep up with exercise. I tried to get some more flower pics, but the bugs and wind (and rain yesterday) have hampered my efforts.

i thought it would be fun to share some random photos for Lou’s birthday. I pulled up the Lou photos in my iPhone photo stash. Most are from the last few years, but there are a couple of older gems. As always, click the photo for a larger version.

Attention: I am occasionally having an issue where all the photos in the gallery are not loading. While I sort this out, you can access all the photos by clicking one and cycling through the slideshow. You can also click on the ”HOME” button on the top left of the page. This seems to load all of the photos, but doesn’t work every time!

Happy Birthday Lou. We love you lots ❤️🚴🏻‍♀️❤️🐶❤️🐶

Happy Mother’s Day

Sending good wishes to all Moms – to all the caretakers of two legged humans, as well as our four-legged pups😉.

Stitch wanted to join in the Mother’s Day wishes, but he is having a hard time waking up. Perhaps he was a bear in a previous life.

Stay Safe !!!

Be Our Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! We chose to stay in tonight, and will go out later this week to celebrate.

The bitter cold is the story here for the next day or two. This screenshot was taken early this morning:

Stay Safe !!!