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Guest Blog: Beth Describes Her Favorite Skiff Tours: Third Place

We will jump ahead to July 5th so we can look at Beth’s first guest blog for the trip.  Beth chose to describe her three favorite Skiff Tours, and we’ll start with her 3rd favorite (hmmm, I think this was my number one skiff tour):

Third place: Pavlov Harbor, near Freshwater Bay
Today we climbed in the skiff and headed out to the shore where as in most of Alaska, it was at least 150 feet deep – wow. On the way there, we passed this rock tree that reminded me of the big tree in the middle of Animal Kingdom.


A few minutes of scenic bliss later, we came upon the most colorful and most odd looking wall of sea life I’ve ever seen! These starfish were the size of my head – huge! Wait, that didn’t come out right.


I’m still not sure what these are, but there were a ton of them and looked so odd that I couldn’t look away. I want to say they’re sea anemones and that’s what they look like when the tide goes out. Crazy!


Around the corner was alot of seaweed, but in the water was a garden of white anemones.


After that excitement, we spotted a few black tailed deer grazing near the shore and a waterfall.


Does it get any better than this?! Yes blog readers! Skiff tours #2 and #1 to come! (Unfortunately, both Beth and I have lost the data for her second two skiff reports. Hopefully they will show up.)

Thank you, Beth!  Can’t wait to see your second and first choices.  I would also like to point out that Beth bought a new camera for the trip and did an excellent job of capturing some great photos.

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Fall in Boston

Our friend Laurie lives in a high rise apartment in Boston, and has been documenting the fall colors as they arrive. I know folks from the West Coast like to see how the leaves change, so Laurie was kind enough to share her photos for today's Guest Blog. There are a couple of other cool photos as well.

Thanks, Laurie! Now I just need to get Kathy's permission to share some of her photos, too 🙂