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Guest Blog – Max Joins the Family

We have an exciting update. Chrisie has kindly written a guest blog to tell us about Max. Read on …

We got a puppy! He was born on February 13th in Tennessee. He’s a Labrador, Retreiver mix.

We’ve been discussing a dog for Louie. We looked into the local shelter here. We looked and looked and Yan fell in love with ‘Adair.’ When we got to the shelter we were introduced to many dogs that fit our profile.

I was leaning towards an older dog. Then they took us to the puppies. The one I picked up happened to be Max!

He was named Adair in the shelter. It was instant love. And he was the only one Louie would touch. 

We adopted him and then had to wait for him to be neutered. He had surgery on Friday and we picked him up on Saturday. Louie was a very happy boy.

First night was a lot like the first night with Louie except for taking him outside because he had diarrhea 🤣. Second night was much better.  He likes his crate. He has learned if he naps outside of the crate, we won’t leave…but nothing like a snuggly crate compared to the cold tile. He pees and poops outside (most of the time.)

He’s a good puppy. He likes crinkle toys, not squeeky ones, and is Full of energy!

Meet Max:

Chrisie sent this pic through late this afternoon. Max is watching dogs on a PBS special. He may take after his Uncle Stitch.

Thanks so much for the guest blog, Chrisie. We think Max is beautiful, and we look forward to hearing more about the Adventures of Louie and Max ❤️

Even More Snow

We got a nice covering of 3 to 4 inches of snow on Friday, but Kathy and Steve had about a foot in Machiasport. It looked especially beautiful in the sunlight on Saturday. Machiasport is located about 100 miles from Northport:

Guest Blog Photo Share by Kathy

Let’s start with this short video of Steve, the Snow King, running his high efficiency snow blower:

Here is a view down the driveway on Friday, when it was snowing heavily – you can almost not see the house.

Now let’s go to the day after the big snow, when it was easier to take photos – click to enlarge:

There were also some critters out in the snow:

And then there is this strange animal track through the snow. Somebody could not get their fat belly out of the snow! (Kathy thinks it might have been a porcupine)

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your beautiful snow day. Amazing how snowfall is so different from place to place. You got a foot, Laurie said Boston got about a foot, and we got 3-4 inches, even though we are right in the middle.

It is Sunday morning, and is very windy here in Northport, and almost 40 degrees. Rain is just starting, so we are going to lose our pretty snow. Kathy said they are seeing the same at their place. This reminds me of last year, when it would snow, but then melt or get washed away a day or two later. Fingers crossed for a better finish to this winter season.

Stay Safe!!!

Legoland – Part 2 – Guest Blog

Here we go – the rest of the story. Chrisie continues the Legoland Adventure below:

Legoland Guest Blog by Chrisie

We had breakfast and then headed west on interstate 4 towards Legoland. We were going to stay at one of the Hotels on the park’s land but they were booked for our dates. It ended up working better because someone got a much needed night’s sleep. 😃

We arrived early and parked. I went to the customer service counter to make sure our tickets were in order. You have to reserve everything online now. Good  thing I did. Someone (me) had messed up the tickets. The customer service representative squared it out and we headed towards the gate. Note: the Legoland website is not easy to navigate..

We started at the back of the park. We had read in a travel blog that everyone starts at the carousel. The back was completely quiet. They even had Vegas! Thought about Beth, but there was no Lego Beth. 😉

Louie wanted the first stop to be the mini US. Everything was made out of Legos. This was our favorite part of the park! Very very cool. They even had Palm Beach. We saw Lego Dragons, mummies, even animals. We did a couple of rides. No motion sickness; all the rides are for young children.

 Note: Legoland is PERFECT for kids under 10. Louie had a ball; absolutely loved it! Louie stopped inside some hands-on places.It was pretty cool.We grabbed burgers at the only place open to eat for lunch….a little hard to find food at Legoland. Then we went to the museum that told about the history of Legos and Legoland.

I forgot to add that mini USA had water squirters – see the photo below. Every little river had a button to push to shoot out water. Louie accidentally soaked a lady. We quickly left the area but it was hilarious!!

Yan was exhausted. Louie got a shirt and we headed home. It was a great day. Thank you Uncle Lou and Aunt Sharon for the Legoland experience. We haven’t seen Louie that excited in a long time.

This concludes the guest blog.

Thank you, Chrisie, for sharing your Legoland Adventure with us. Note – I asked Chrisie how crowded it was, and she said it wasn’t crowded at all. I guess these crazy kids were not so crazy after all, and this was a perfect time to visit Legoland. We are so glad you all had a great time.

Beth & Todd’s Vacay – Phase 3B

We woke up early and it was chilly – a welcomed change from the still summer like heat we left in Southern California.  The high today would be 55 degrees!  We layered up and put on our walking shoes, filling the backpack with some essentials for the day, and were at the south rim (quite literally the edge of the Grand Canyon) in what felt like about 100 steps.  I knew we were close, but the online maps made it seem a bit further than it was.  The view was breathtaking – all I had hoped for and then some!  I’ve seen tons of pictures, but to see this beauty in person was truly magnificent.  It helped that it was an absolutely beautiful day – look at that blue sky! 

We walked along what I think was the Bright Angel Trailhead for quite some time, stopping to take pictures often.  And sometimes just sitting for a minute to take it all in.  The trail was pretty flat and just followed the curves of the landscape.  Every turn brought about another stellar viewpoint.  I wanted pictures of it all!  Along the way, we asked other hikers to take our pic and then returned the favor to others.  Everyone we came across was friendly (how could you not be in a good mood surrounded by all this?!), although for the first two hours or so on the trail, we only walked by a handful of other people.  It was really nice, and quiet, and peaceful.

This was as close to the edge as we got.  That sign tells you to back off or else (in so many words)!

Eventually we got to a bus stop and decided to hop on and take it to the latter stops where I heard you could see the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon.  I’m not sure why, but I pictured blue raging whitewater.  It ended up being pretty muddy, which makes a lot of sense given the landscape, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down.

We spent the whole morning walking, exploring and bussing around the west side of the canyon.  Around noon, we realized we hadn’t eaten yet, so we decided to drive back into town and grab a quick bite at Wendy’s.  We should have ordered lighter knowing we had reservations at the El Tovar Dining Room for dinner, but we were hungry from our morning activity.  We ended up eating too much lunch too late in the day and neither of us were very hungry later.  We ended up skipping out on our reservations at the El Tovar Restaurant and dinner altogether.

Instead of dinner, I really wanted to see the sunset and get my souvenirs, so we walked back over to the rim.]

We saw some folks pointing at something and eagle eye Todd spotted what they were looking at.  There was a lone Bighorn Sheep having a little appetizer on the cliffs below.  I don’t know how we got down there or how he’d get back up, but he was maneuvering really well on the rocky landscape.

What a cute sheep…on the cliff of death!!!

We made our way over to the Visitor Center and did a little shopping.  (We collect magnets from our travels because they’re inexpensive, space conscious, travel well, and a great visual reminder of our fun.)

We were losing the sun…

I wanted a few more pics when we heard more commotion.  We turned around to see something jaw dropping – the full moon was rising above the Canyon!  [Turns out we were one day off from the full moon, but that tiny sliver wasn’t noticeable.]  My pics really don’t do it justice, as this was a truly stunning sight.  What a great way to end our visit to the Grand Canyon!

We checked out of the Maswik Lodge and got on the road early the next morning.  There was originally a Phase 4 to this vacation.  We had planned to break up the 7-hour drive home with a stop in Laughlin for the night, but after some discussion, we missed our dog, Ace, and were both ready to get home.  It went something like:

Me: You know, we don’t HAVE to go to Laughlin tomorrow.

Todd:   I miss Ace.

Me:   Me too.  Let’s just drive home.

Todd:  OK!

We had a long but uneventful drive home, with the only hiccup being some road work on I-40 that delayed us about a half hour.  So many trucks on the road!  If you look carefully, you can see the long line of cars in front of this truck – all of us at a complete stop for 5-10 minutes at a time – ugh!

Once back in Riverside, we quickly stopped at my Mom’s to pick up Ace, who was very happy to see us, and then drove our last two miles home.  A big thank you to my Mom for watching our boy while we were gone.  We even got daily texts from him while at Camp Grandma’s letting us know what fun activities he did everyday.  We were never worried he wasn’t being loved or taken care of, that’s for sure!

And c’mon, with this little mini-moo waiting for us, we had to get home asap!

This concludes Beth’s Guest Blog. We don’t know about the rest of you, but reading about Beth and Todd’s adventure makes us realize how much we miss travel! Thanks for sharing – it has been a treat to read about your travels (and, we have all made that late lunch mistake to foil the evening plans – one more reason to go back!!!)

Beth & Todd’s Vacay – Phase 3A

After a long weekend in Vegas and a short stop to see Hoover Dam, we continued on the road another three and a half hours (four if you count the stop for gas and stop for jerky. If I’ve learned anything from my dad, the best jerky is sold in the most remote places, or trunks of roadside cars 😉, so stopping for jerky was a must) to a place neither of us had ever been…the Grand Canyon!

This was originally a trip we had fully booked in late 2019. However, Todd’s boss incorrectly marked his vacation request and we had to cancel our trip the week before we were supposed to leave.  A real bummer to say the least!  But here we are two years later, on our way to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world!  We were both prepared to be amazed.

It was early afternoon as we approached the entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park.  I had $35 ready to hand over to purchase a national park pass.  The Park Ranger asked if we were current or former military to which we said why, yes, Todd is a US Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine).  He flashed his ID and we saved $35 and now have an annual pass to all the national parks.  Thanks Todd!

[Shout out to the Park Rangers, who were all so nice and friendly.  We went in and out a few times and every time time had a funny conversation or interaction with what ended up being several different rangers.  And what we saw of the park was very clean and well maintained.]

A mile or two into the park, we turned off the main road toward our rustic lodging, the Maswik Lodge.  Check in went smoothly and we settled into our room.  [I had read some gripes about parking trouble, but I found a spot by the main building and then pulled into an almost empty lot by our building.  I could see people who drove in from elsewhere wanting to park here though, because it was really close to the rim.  The gripes were also probably for peak season.]

After being in the room for just a few minutes, we heard and then spotted the Grand Canyon Railway from our balcony!  I took a pic each day it passed by for my dad.

We were pretty tired from Vegas and the long drive so we took a nap and then decided to drive back into town for dinner.  Restaurant options in Grand Canyon Village were fast food, a couple of steakhouses and a pizza/pasta restaurant.  We chose Big E Steakhouse and Saloon, where the food was just ok but the service was very friendly and attentive.  I think our two Vegas dinners set a high bar when it comes to steaks, but Big E made the best loaded baked potato I’ve ever eaten!

On our way into town, we encountered a small traffic jam.  We thought how the heck could we be stopped on this remote road?!  Turns out, there were elk on the side of the road and cars just stopped to take pictures.  We were good with that since we wanted to take some too!  The elk weren’t phased even a little by all the onlookers.  They crossed the road at some point because on our way back dinner, there were even more, and they were on the other side of the road.  Why did the elk cross the road?  They love the paparazzi!

We lounged in the room the rest of the evening, watching Monday Night football, and making a flexible plan for the next day.  We crashed early and slept hard!

Tune in tomorrow for more of Beth & Todd’s excellent adventure, as we see how their next day turned out.

Beth & Todd’s Excellent Adventure – Phase 2

We left Las Vegas on Monday morning and started toward our next major destination (you’ll have to wait for Phase 3 to find out where!)  On our way, we knocked out something I’ve always wanted to see in person…Hoover Dam.

From the beginning, this was planned to be a short visit.  Working for our local Flood Control District, I’ve been on several dam tours and been inside the seeping underworld.  And in my research, I had already learned quite a bit about Hoover Dam and its interesting construction.  But I’ve always wanted to SEE this giant marvel of engineering.  We had planned to go the Visitor’s Center and see it from the bottom, however, GPS took us another way, which was good enough for us, as we hadn’t planned to spend more than an hour or so here anyway.  We were very anxious to get to our next stop…wherever that might be!

We went through a thorough security checkpoint where they made sure nobody was strapped underneath our car or hiding in the back seat.  Whew, we were all clear!  Just down the road, we parked in a small lot with maybe one or two other cars – it was not very busy on this Monday morning.  We took a short walk up to the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

I borrowed this photo from to show how massive it was.  And windy.  REALLY windy!

We walked out to the middle of the bridge and tried to take some selfies (it was so windy, my phone almost blew out of my hand, and as you can see, it was a very long way down!) and more pics of the record low levels of the reservoir.  While there was a pedestrian walkway on the bridge with a 5-foot concrete wall dividing the walkway from the highway, there were a ton of 18 wheelers whizzing by, some of which thought it would be fun to honk their horns when they passed.  Funny…the second and third time.  The first time, not so much, lol!

Hoover Dam was quite a magnificent sight to see, and I’m so glad we made the time to stop and see it.  

Todd and I got back in the car and headed to our next stop…

(Thanks again, Beth, for your entertaining report. Stay tuned for Phases 3A and 3B – coming soon to a family blog near you 😉)