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Good Friends, Good Food

We are having a nice visit with Kathy & Steve. It is especially nice when friends come and bring most of dinner with them. Kathy and Steve brought beautiful steaks, and snap peas from Kathy’s garden. Steve grilled the steaks and everything was delicious.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

Celebrating the Fourth of July

We asked our neighbors, Donna and Pat, to join us for an impromptu 4th of July Bar-B-Que on July 3rd (I am sure that sentence makes perfect sense). It wasn’t fancy, but everyone enjoyed their meal, and it was a good time to catch up on news around the neighborhood (hint – not much new). Thanks to Lou for grilling up a feast. We all laughed at how much food he was making – turns out we don’t have all that much left. Sent a couple brats home with Pat, and we will have leftovers for the next day or two. Just reread that sentence … no, we did not send the dogs home with Pat.

Donna made a delicious homemade custard for dessert (thinking it would be easy for Lou to eat), and Pat brought some scrumptious chocolate brownies with cherries and walnuts. And Lou had personal cheesecake slices for all, but we decided to freeze those 🥰

The dogs had their usual moments of annoying everyone, but were generally well-behaved, having been at the vet in the morning for over an hour. Had our first in-person vet visit for their annual check ups. Later on, Stitch got a little freaked when he heard fireworks, and Lou said he was hiding behind the toilet in the master bathroom. He recovered when I went up to bed and gave him his nightly cookie.

It is now July 4th and we are supposed to get rain all morning. A high of 57 degrees is predicted. Quite a difference from 94 degrees earlier this week. I want to get out and take more flower pics, but it might be difficult today.

We wish you all a Happy Independence Day, and hope there are plenty of grilled foods on your menus. Our plans are just to chill and enjoy the sound of rain beating down (although it is surprisingly still mostly drizzle).

Great Hospitality

Finishing up the report on our last day with Kathy & Steve. We had another nice day, even venturing into the metropolis of Machiasport to visit a few favorite stores and do some errands. 

Kathy prepared another delicious dinner, and Steve grilled the steaks. Lou declared Steve “The Grillmaster,” because he always gets it just right. This was my official birthday dinner, and we let Lou share as well since his birthday is coming soon. 



Thank you, Kathy & Steve for such a nice time. You fed us so well, entertained us with the local wildlife, and provided both a relaxing environment and good company. I can’t think of a better way to kick off our birthday week.

Lou and I returned to Northport on Thursday, and made it just in time to pick up the dogs from their spa appointment.  They had a good time with Teresa while we were gone.  Thank you Teresa! I had a meeting at the golf course, but made it home just in time for another birthday treat. Since Thursday was my official birthday, Lou  made my favorite dinner – you guessed it!  Hamburger stroganoff.  Thank you, Lou!!! I also want to thank everyone for the many birthday wishes, cards, and emails.  


(There can never be too many photos of hamburger stroganoff, with just the right amount of pepper!)

Be Safe!!!

Yoho Head – Dinner for 6 !

The area where Kathy & Steve live is called Yoho Head, just outside of Machiasport. It is in Downeast Maine, not far from Acadia National Park. Anyway, Kathy cooked a delicious meal last night (Steve gets credit for grilling the pork tenderloin). And we had red beans and rice – a favorite!



There were four of us for dinner, so where did the other two come from?  Look closely – a couple of Steve’s girlfriends showed up to get their feed on (click for a larger pic):



We chilled and relaxed the rest of the evening, and saw a nice sunset off the back deck.


Be Safe !!!

Road Trip !!! 🚙

Off on our first almost-post-pandemic outing in over a year. We have been to the cabin, but that doesn’t really count since it is our getaway home. We are visiting Kathy & Steve in Machiasport for a couple of days. 

The drive up was beautiful. So much new greenery coming out. 



When we turned on Kennebec Road as we neared Kathy & Steve’s, we saw a bunch of little lambs. So many, we figured the sheep were very busy during lockdown.



We arrived just in time for lunch, then had a relaxing afternoon (which did include a walk around the loop for some of us).  Now Kathy is preparing dinner and it smells delicious. We will have more to report tomorrow. 


Click for larger photo.


Be Safe!!!

Pizza Party 🍕🍷🍻

As most know, we lead a very busy social life, so we were pleased to fit in dinner last night with Donna and Pat, affectionately known as our Pizza Pod.  We are all vaccinated and we all like to eat, so it is a perfect combination.  Fortunately for me, all other pod members excel in the culinary arts. I did my part last night, and ordered the Pizza.

This wasn’t just any pizza, we were celebrating the return of the Fiddlehead Pizza. We had this last year, and raved about it. 

The fiddleheads are more of a novelty, it is the lemon pepper ricotta, caramelized red onions, and warm honey drizzle that make the pie. Truth – I  didn’t think it lived up to last year’s experience. It was light on the honey drizzle and heavy on the red peppers.  Still quite good.


I also ordered the bruschetta pizza, one we wanted to try when the girls were here. It was good, but not mouth-popping exciting. Must say, it had improved by the time it hit my breakfast plate this morning. 


And then there is Lou, sticking with his tried and true Double Extravaganza of pepperoni, sausage, jalapeno’s and extra cheese. As usual, this did not disappoint. 


I did remember to get a photo of our guests. Here is Pat – preparing to dig in.  Pat also brought a healthy salad and a homemade rhubarb pie 🥗🥧


Donna supplied the appetizers – a really nice Maine cheese and crackers. So very proud – Donna is a true photo ninja, shooting her pizza 📸


Thanks ladies, for joining us.  And thanks Lou, for taking care of libations and more. 

Be Safe !!!