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Machias – Day 2 Part I

On our first night, Kathy cooked a new zucchini recipe.  I liked it.  Lou told her he hated zucchini.  Well, it didn’t come out just like that, but we did eventually get there.  Of course, he did consume copious quantities of the fresh zucchini bread Kathy baked.

It was another nice day when we woke up after our first night.  Lou, K&S, and the dog went for a hike down to the beach.  Apparently, the dog went for a swim – they didn’t take any photos, so you are spared more Natasha Photos.

We had an active day.  After washing and drying the dog, we headed into town for lunch, seeing some sights along the way.

We drove by this church and graveyard several times - maybe next time I will ask to stop so I can get a better photo - the church sits on the hill overlooking the water.


We asked to go to the lobster bake for the Historical Society in Machiasport, but Kathy said "no." 🙂


We went to the best place in Machias for lunch - it was great.


I had delicious fish & chips


Everyone else had the Haddock Burger - the best in Maine!


Natasha got a free scoop of ice cream with dog biscuits. This was the first time she's had ice cream. She loved it.


After lunch, we stopped by the dike to go to the flea market. Kathy & Lou liked it so much, they went back again the next day.


Then, we went to the Machias Hardware Store so Kathy could do some food shopping. Huh? In addition to regular hardware stuff, the store has a room dedicated to spices and mostly hard to find and local organic stuffs.


Raye's Mustard is made in nearby Eastport. We'll have to go there sometime - they have many flavors. They even have a maple horseradish mustard ...


We passed some farms and freshly shrink-wrapped hay bales as we drove to Jasper Beach.


Jasper Beach is a Rock Beach - no sand here.


The rocks at Jasper Beach are quite distinctive. It's weird to have no sand on the beach, but it was a beautiful area.


Another view of Jasper Beach and the surrounding area.


We went back to the cottage and Lou took a nap on the grass, while we watched the dogs play.


Coming up next:  Another expedition and “what’s for dinner?”


Dinner – A Nite Out at a Real Restaurant!

We’ve been out of internet touch for a few days, but just a quick update.  We actually went out to dinner earlier this week.  That’s right – to a real restaurant.  With no dog.  We went to Atlantica, one of our local favorites, and had a nice meal.  Pictures included below.

We have just returned from an overnight Cruise to Castine, and are getting ready to pack up to head to Kathy & Steve’s.  So, not sure when I’ll get the chance, but we have some photos and tales to tell from the trip to Castine as well.

We were going to dinner in style. Paul came over to give us a ride on the Wayfarer Launch across the harbor. We usually walk, but Ben & Emily were along, so we got special treatment.


Natasha stays behind with her babysitter. What? You didn't think we'd leave the princess all be her lonesome, did you?


Emily is the most photogenic of the group, so she had to pose for the "I'm having fun, going to dinner across the harbor" photo.


The sun was just starting to set as we rode across the harbor.


We made it!


A blueberry mojito toast - I passed. I noticed no one ordered a second one.


Well, I’m having problems with the internet here, and we have to head out on our Road Trip, so will follow up with a Part II!


Saturday Night Live … Almost

This is Chuck & Nina’s last evening, as they fly out early tomorrow morning. Have you noticed everyone flies out early from West Palm Beach? Their flight leaves at 8am, which is practically mid-day compared to the last couple exits 😉

We played golf yesterday, had a great meal at Spotos’s. Today, C & N did the tour of Palm Beach, and we completed the day with a relaxing dinner at the River House. That’s a lot of social activity for us old folks!

Back home after dinner, and everyone is ready to hit the sack – we are a lively group!




Chuck & Nina Made It

We were happy to see Chuck & Nina arrive this afternoon.  They’ve been visiting the “South” and will spend a few days with us. Natasha is relieved, since she was worried she’d be stuck with no company after Grandma left this morning.

We’re having a good time catching up.  Spent some time out back enjoying another nice sunset … here’s Chuck:



Had a Great Visit

We had a good time catching up with Jan and Rodger. Jan and I were room mates in college, and played intercollegiate basketball and softball together. We may also have played volleyball, but I have blocked that sport out of my mind.

Here are some photos taken for Natasha’s photo album. Because, of course, they came just to visit her. She did calm down by the end of Day 2.




And, here are a couple of shots of the Blue Heron who visited this morning. I was waiting for it to fly, but it started raining and I didn’t want to get get my pajamas wet.