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Ninja Bouquet

When we looked outside yesterday, we found a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on the doorstep. Who was the secret admirer?

These are dahlias, and they are so beautiful, and interesting.

We suspected the identity of our ninja, and Lou was able to confirm – the flowers were from Joy. Dahlias just might be my favorite flowers! Thank you Joy and Pablo for sharing such beauty with us.

Saying Goodbye

Tom was packing up this morning, as he and Karen head out this morning to visit family in New York. Stitch was thinking about going with them:

We finished Tom & Karen’s visit with a meal enjoyed by all:

Thanks for a great visit, Karen & Tom!

New Restaurant…

Yesterday was a rainy day in the mountains. Karen & Tom went out for some shopping, and Lou and I lived our hermit life. As usual, when we have guests, we tend to eat well – very well. Last night was no exception. We tried a new-to-us restaurant in nearby Stratton. The Coplin Dinner House just reopened for the summer in late June. It is very popular and gets good ratings. We would see why.

The restaurant has an extensive menu, and the service was excellent. We chose different entrees, followed by a crab cake appetizer for Lou, and caesar salads for the rest of us. Our main courses included New Zealand lamb, osso buco, scallops carbonara, and twin lobster tails. All were very good. We definitely will be going back to the Coplin Dinner House. We did skip dessert, since Lou promised homemade grasshoppers at home (I was too stuffed from dinner to take photos.

We tried a few house specialty cocktails before dinner (a few meaning one each for all except Karen, who was our designated driver)

Tom deserves his own gallery …

Thank you, Coplin Dinner House, for a great meal and a nice evening.

Today, we head back to Northport, having enjoyed a pleasant visit to the cabin with the Christmas Tree.

Good Food!

We are certainly eating well. Karen & Tom sent some specialty foods to us before they arrived. We had the steaks last week, and last night we had a delicious pork roast. Lou outdid himself – he cooked up the roast with a special cranberry-apple stuffing that was to die for. We had mashed potatoes, corn and gravy. All so good.

Thank you Karen & Tom, not only for providing the delicious meat, but for your company and Tom’s dad jokes …

The roast … so very very very good. The meat was fall off the bone tender, the stuffing was just right, and the rest made for a perfect dinner. Now I remember why we don’t go out all that often.

It’s About Thyme !!!

We were all looking forward to our special night out at The Hichborn in nearby Stockton Springs. If you saw the update in yesterday’s post, you will know we were early for our reservation… exactly 24 hours early! I totally owned the snafu, but fortunately everyone had a good laugh, and we tried again last night.

The restaurant does only two seatings – at 5pm and at 8pm. We chose the first seating, figuring that gave us the best chance to stay awake through dinner. Took a few photos of the pretty flowers while we waited for our turn to check in. Masks were required until seated at our table, and all staff members were wearing masks.

We all held our breath as we checked in … whew, we were allowed in and seated at a nice table. Lou would have checked me into a facility if I had messed up two dates in a row (just so everyone understands, we actually dressed and drove 30 minutes to attend this dinner on the previous evening – only to find out our reservation was for the next evening). Celebratory cocktails were in order. Tom & Karen enjoyed Old Fashions, Lou sipped a Single Malt, and I went with the special cocktail – named “It’s About Thyme…” in honor of finally sitting down to this much anticipated meal. I was the designated driver, so my cocktail was non-alcoholic. Good thing, because I would have had a hard time choosing between the Salty Bitch and Lost at Sea

Dinner was a 5 course, prix fixe menu. While there was a vegetarian option, there were no substitutes for the main menu items. In addition to the items published on the menu, there were several chef’s surprises. The menu and the surprise tastings (an eggplant/olive tapenade, a fresh sea scallop, and a green gazpacho). As usual, you can click on a photo in the gallery to bring up a larger image.

The five courses … oysters, heirloom tomato salad, spicy lamb meatball, Maine halibut, and dessert. The dessert was sweet corn ice cream, served over white chocolate crumbles, and blueberries on panna cotta. The stand out of the evening was the halibut. Lou thought it was the best he has ever eaten. I shared my oysters with Tom and Lou, but I did eat most of the lamb meatball. It was quite good – and I don’t normally eat lamb. The oysters were pretty, but were not quite as superlicious as the ones Lou remembers getting here in the past.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, and it was a very nice experience to share with friends. While we would prefer the option of more choices from a regular menu, we can understand why the restaurant is taking this approach. It is difficult to hire staff, and they are also wanting to operate the restaurant within social distancing guidelines. Serving the price fixe dinner minimizes waste and let’s the kitchen focus on creating an optimal experience. It is a more streamlined approach that still offers a high end dining experience.

We will close with a couple more random shots from the evening, including the ginormous coconut cream pie slices we got to take home (The Hichborn is known for their coconut cream pie. )

Be Safe!!!

Safe Travels

We said goodbye to Kathy & Steve this morning, as they headed back to Machiasport. I am sure there were a few shopping stops along the way! We enjoyed their visit, and are glad things worked out so we could see them. We were planning to go to Sugarloaf this week, but had to postpone as we are waiting for a furniture delivery.

Natasha and Stitch waited in the window for company to come back, then finally gave up and decided to settle in for morning naps!

Standing by their beautiful new car!