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National Best Friends Day

Just wanted to give a shout out to my best friend growing up, Lynette (Root) Scott. We were BFFs all through grade school, and still keep in touch. These photos crack me up, and I can’t believe these were taken over 50 (or 60) years ago!

Stay Safe!

Just a Dusting

Snow was forecast for Saturday. We didn’t see any until after 6pm. We did get a nice dusting that looks pretty without causing any complications.

On Friday night, we had a very special social event. Our Pizza Pod reunited for a nice evening of conversation and pizza. It was good to catch up with Pat and Donna. The pizza was a little crisp, but it was easy and makes for a no fuss dinner. I did send some leftovers home with the gals.

A Great Meal

Catching up on the blog posts. I will pick up on Wednesday. This was the last full day of the Faul’s visit, and our plan was to go to the Coplin Dinner House. We had an early reservation – 5pm. This is early for us, but it is a 10 mile journey to the restaurant, and we like to get there before dark.

Fortunately, our meal was just as good as it was when we were there last week. In fact, because we so enjoyed last week’s dinner, Lou and I ordered the exact same items: tuna, lobster bisque, and rack of lamb for Lou, and salad and Atlantic Halibut for me. Kathy also chose the fish. Steve started with calamari and picked scallops carbonara for his main. No one was disappointed, and we were all very happy with our meals. Lou and Kathy had saved room for a little dessert – a fried donut with ice cream, and a lemon/goat cheese cheesecake.

Steve is explaining something, and Kathy is listening carefully 😉

After thoroughly enjoying our meal, we made it home safely. We did see one SUV in the ditch. It must have just happened since they were all standing out waving flashlights to warn others of ice on the road ahead.

Kathy was determined to finish the puzzle she had started in the afternoon. She did it! It would take me a month to do this puzzle.

Kathy and Steve got an early start on Thursday. They had shopping to do along the way (of course!), and wanted to beat the storm that was scheduled to arrive on Thursday night. More on that storm in the upcoming post.

Visitors at the Cabin

We are enjoying a nice visit from Kathy and Steve. We were hoping for some nice snow today, but got rain instead. At least it washed the ice off of the driveway! I am feeling much better after three days – just a sore tailbone – I really do sympathize with Lou now! Kathy, Steve and I took the dogs out for a little fresh air this afternoon, and no one fell down!

Chef Louie cooked up a comfort dinner last night: pork chops, scalloped potatoes and spinach soufflé. Ice cream for dessert. Kathy is in charge of dinner tonight. I am in charge tomorrow (of making reservations).

We had a squirrel visitor in the backyard today. You can see there is still lots of snow.

Stay Safe !!!

The Day After

We had a quiet day today. Kathy and Steve left this morning – I forgot that Kathy likes to shop on the day after Thanksgiving. We really appreciated their company for Thanksgiving.

I said I would grab a photo of all of us, but that didn’t happen. I do have this photo from last year. We all look pretty similar, except we forgot to wear matching shirts this year..

I did get a photo of the delicious pumpkin pie before we cut into it last night:

And finally – photographic evidence of another milestone. Lou felt better today, and even made his own dinner of turkey sandwiches tonight.This is him smiling.

Kathy & Steve do Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Fortunately, we had invited Kathy & Steve a few weeks ago, and they accepted the challenge to celebrate Thanksgiving with us at the cabin. They were good sports and still came when the venue switched to Northport. They also took over all the cooking duties and prepared a feast.

Here are some photos from the evening. I will get a photo of Lou and I, and the four of us together, tomorrow.

The turkey was not the star of the show this year. Kathy did an excellent job cooking it, but it was caught in that awkward teenager stage. I picked a smaller 13 pound turkey; junior had a bony butt and wasn’t very plump. While he wasn’t a beauty, he tasted fine; he just was not very photogenic.

Kathy was the Chief Chef today, and Steve was her Sous Chef. I played an important role – I was responsible for the cranberry sauce (opened can), the vegetables (microwave), and the wine (asked Steve to open it). Lou supervised the prep for his famous turkey soup.

We ate in the sunroom so Lou didn’t have to move from his comfortable chair. Pie is still to come.

Thanks again, Kathy & Steve.