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Real Food for Frozen People

It was very cold today, like -1 degrees – even colder if you take wind chill into consideration. Lou had some delicious pork he was saving for a special meal. I asked what the cut was, and he gave me a rather detailed discourse that I didn’t quite follow. I think it is tender filets from center cut pork chops. Anyway, it was delicious, served with peppers and mushroom ravioli.

Your next question might be, what does the glucose curve look like for this meal? Answer: Who Cares?

This is one of those special meals that deserves to be enjoyed. my numbers were good all day, so I had no concerns. Plus, I ate the peppers and pork first, then the ravioli. It was all absolutely delicious.

Stay Safe !!!

Edit: Wanted to share the fact that there was virtually no glucose spike with the delicious dinner! Which means I will be having leftovers for lunch.

Our Christmas Feast

We had a nice quiet day. The forecast was for snow most of the day, but that didn’t happen. Hopefully we will see more this week.

Lou, as usual, outdid himself. We had Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, and Green Beans. We didn’t need any extras, as this was plenty. While it is always wonderful to share holiday time with friends and family, there was something very nice about a quiet day, most of it spent lounging in front of the fire.

Dessert is yet to come – freshly baked apple pie with ice cream. It might take me some time to make room for this treat!

And another shot, because it is really all about the Meat:

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the last last week of the year.

Stay Safe!!!

Kathy & Steve do Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Fortunately, we had invited Kathy & Steve a few weeks ago, and they accepted the challenge to celebrate Thanksgiving with us at the cabin. They were good sports and still came when the venue switched to Northport. They also took over all the cooking duties and prepared a feast.

Here are some photos from the evening. I will get a photo of Lou and I, and the four of us together, tomorrow.

The turkey was not the star of the show this year. Kathy did an excellent job cooking it, but it was caught in that awkward teenager stage. I picked a smaller 13 pound turkey; junior had a bony butt and wasn’t very plump. While he wasn’t a beauty, he tasted fine; he just was not very photogenic.

Kathy was the Chief Chef today, and Steve was her Sous Chef. I played an important role – I was responsible for the cranberry sauce (opened can), the vegetables (microwave), and the wine (asked Steve to open it). Lou supervised the prep for his famous turkey soup.

We ate in the sunroom so Lou didn’t have to move from his comfortable chair. Pie is still to come.

Thanks again, Kathy & Steve.

Tik Tok Pasta

Our friends are so hip. Kathy & Steve arrived today to save us from ourselves. Kathy brought dinner, and it was delicious. Tik Tok Pasta has spinach, cherry tomatoes (grown in Kathy’s garden), feta cheese and more . Funny – Lou saw our doctor today, and she suggested Lou start eating spinach to help get his iron level up.

Following the Tik Tok Pasta was another hit – a homemade apple tart – yum.

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing such a nice feast with us. Thank you, Steve, for helping with the clean-up. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

…Soothes the Soul

Donna delivered some delicious homemade chicken soup for our dinner this evening. It hit the spot.

Update – I wanted to include a photo of the delicious blueberry muffins Donna brought with the chicken noodle soup. We had them for breakfast and they were tasty as always.

Thank you, Donna. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

Today was another healing day. There will be quite a few more. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Stay Safe ♥️ especially if you are a 🦃

So Chill

We are so relaxed, I didn’t even update the blog yesterday (but I did sneak a back-dated post in with some of Cath’s photos). This is Catherine’s last full day, and it is rainy and overcast, so we are sitting by the fire, reading and thinking about watching a movie this afternoon.

Catherine and I went to the grocery store yesterday, and had a wildlife sighting. The appropriate surcharge will be applied.

Now let’s jump back to Thursday night’s dinner. We went with our classic grilled steak, twice-baked potatoes, and more. This meal was made extra special with some grilled lobster tails, and *gasp* green stuff.

Natasha snuggled in for some evening TV. She has claimed the bear pillow Kathy gave us.

We will be back with more excitement, if and when anything exciting happens.