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Legoland – Part 2 – Guest Blog

Here we go – the rest of the story. Chrisie continues the Legoland Adventure below:

Legoland Guest Blog by Chrisie

We had breakfast and then headed west on interstate 4 towards Legoland. We were going to stay at one of the Hotels on the park’s land but they were booked for our dates. It ended up working better because someone got a much needed night’s sleep. 😃

We arrived early and parked. I went to the customer service counter to make sure our tickets were in order. You have to reserve everything online now. Good  thing I did. Someone (me) had messed up the tickets. The customer service representative squared it out and we headed towards the gate. Note: the Legoland website is not easy to navigate..

We started at the back of the park. We had read in a travel blog that everyone starts at the carousel. The back was completely quiet. They even had Vegas! Thought about Beth, but there was no Lego Beth. 😉

Louie wanted the first stop to be the mini US. Everything was made out of Legos. This was our favorite part of the park! Very very cool. They even had Palm Beach. We saw Lego Dragons, mummies, even animals. We did a couple of rides. No motion sickness; all the rides are for young children.

 Note: Legoland is PERFECT for kids under 10. Louie had a ball; absolutely loved it! Louie stopped inside some hands-on places.It was pretty cool.We grabbed burgers at the only place open to eat for lunch….a little hard to find food at Legoland. Then we went to the museum that told about the history of Legos and Legoland.

I forgot to add that mini USA had water squirters – see the photo below. Every little river had a button to push to shoot out water. Louie accidentally soaked a lady. We quickly left the area but it was hilarious!!

Yan was exhausted. Louie got a shirt and we headed home. It was a great day. Thank you Uncle Lou and Aunt Sharon for the Legoland experience. We haven’t seen Louie that excited in a long time.

This concludes the guest blog.

Thank you, Chrisie, for sharing your Legoland Adventure with us. Note – I asked Chrisie how crowded it was, and she said it wasn’t crowded at all. I guess these crazy kids were not so crazy after all, and this was a perfect time to visit Legoland. We are so glad you all had a great time.

Corn Maze & Pumpkins

Chrisie sent some photos of Louie today, and I thought it might be fun to share. He is growing by leaps and bounds!

Here is what Chrisie said about their day:

We are out of school today for Fall break. Louie and I went to a pumpkin patch and they happened to have a corn maze. We did our first ever corn maze. The good thing; we found our way through on the first try. The bad thing, we got all the spider webs 🙄.It was a lot of fun… except for the webs. Haha.

Chrisie said Louie really enjoyed the corn maze. Not surprising, as he very good at solving puzzles!

Thank you, Chrisie. Did you know it was this easy to do a Guest Blog?🥰❤️👍

More Memories

Apologies for no new content. Life is just too darned boring, which we think is a good thing. These photos showed up in my memories today. So funny. We have not, to this day, figured out how Stitch got his little (as in very big) wide body butt on top of the bar top in the Florida house. 

This first photo is for perspective. You can see how high the bar top is, compared to the floor. 


And now – here is where Stitch ended up, when he decided he needed the expensive Boar’s Head Sub that Lou had left on the counter. Amazing.  How did he get his fat butt up there?  We will never know, but we do know he is very food-motivated. 


Be Safe!!!

April Memories

Happy Birthday to Olivia … a milestone as she turned 21 yesterday!  I went searching for April birthday photos, and found some from exactly 10 years ago. We started the week with a visit to Disney World, ending back at the Florida house for the birthday celebration. 








Happy Birthday, Olivia.  Ten years sure goes by quickly!  

Be Safe !!!

So Cold …

Brr.  Dropped the dogs off for their bath and haircuts, and thought I would go for a walk across the Passagassawaukeag River Bridge in Belfast. The car thermometer read 45 degrees, but the wind came up as I was crossing the water, and it was verrrry cold. Need to keep some gloves in my pocket.


The news is reporting many thousands of people across Maine have no power, and the wind is scheduled to blow until tonight. Our power is out now, but the generator kicked on.


Also want to report on another impromptu gourmet meal from Chef Louie.  Last night, he served pork tenderloin in brandy & peppercorn sauce, with baked scalloped potatoes and green beans. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 star rating for this delicious meal. 

Be Safe !!!

WDW Day 3 – Magic Kingdom, a Nap, and Dinner

Lou suggested going to see the Christmas decorations at the Magic Kingdom, so we hopped on a bus and walked down Main Street and into Tomorrow Land. We did some shopping and just generally looked around. It was quite crowded, and was still warm. But it was good to see our third park of the trip. We only missed Animal Kingdom, and we will see that next year.

We returned to the room and had time for an afternoon nap. We stopped in to the Bell cue Lounge before dinner, then went to Trattoria al forna, which is the Italian Restaurant on the Boardwalk. This was our first time trying it for dinner.

We enjoyed our dinner … I had a delicious pizza, and Lou went with the calamari appetizer, followed by a strip steak. The bread was delicious and came with a tasty olive tapenade spread.

With a nice bottle of Italian Wine:

Our server was Todd, and he was very good. We both enjoyed our dinner, and I am sure this Restaurant will be on our list of regulars.

Since it was our last night, and we weren’t getting picked up until 9am on Thursday, we went back to the Belle Vue Lounge for a special treat …

Grasshoppers! A fun after dinner drink that works for dessert as well.

This basically wraps up our trip report. We had easy flights on Thursday, and were home before 8pm. We were happy to see the pups, and they obviously had a good time with Teresa.

We had a good trip, and will be scheduling return visits next year to use our DVC points. Highlights included the Candlelight Processional, spending some relaxing time together, and enjoying nice meals. And, of course, I was thrilled to get to fight for the Resistance.

This was a short trip. We used to find 2 and 3 night trips just right when we lived in Florida – just a 2 hour drive to Disney World. We now think a minimum of 4 nights will be better, since it takes the better part of a day to get there, and then back again from Maine.