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Happy Birthday, Natasha

Natasha turns 11 today. I kept thinking she was going to be 12, but double checked and she was born 11/21/2011. So if I did my math right, she is 11. That means Stitch is still 10 for another 9 months or so.

The Princess continues to feel better, although she is not 100%. We figure she is also somewhat groggy from the meds she is on. But she is definitely much better than a few days ago. Here are some photos from her first year:

And Happy Birthday to Hannah, Tasha’s big sister. Hannah has recovered from two knee surgeries, and still loves to chase the ball. Sally, Hannah’s Mom, has been very helpful as we dealt with Stitch and his recovery.

Stay Safe!

Life Stuff

The last post was about our snow stuff. This one is an update on mostly dog stuff. Stitch continues to do really well. He occasionally over does it, but recovers quickly. Two weeks ago, Natasha had an issue where she just sort of froze up, and wouldn’t do steps, and just stood there with her head down and tail between her legs. A trip to the vet indicated a possible back strain. She did better, then on Thursday she went back to zombie princess dog. All she would do is stand there, and look like a character in the Walking Dead. Back to the vet on Saturday. X-rays were taken. We are awaiting results from the radiologist, but Dr. Blake saw nothing crazy from his look. It could be a back strain or a disk issue.

She is on some better pain meds, a muscle relaxer, and prednisone. After 24 hours, she is acting more normal. Still obviously has some pain issues, but she is less zombie-like. Natasha is quite a drama queen, so it is hard to judge how serious this issue is. We just know she hurts, and fortunately the meds seem to help. So I have barely slept the last few nights, as I keep an eye on her. This of course impacts Lou, since my iPhone is shining in his eyes. Life is a joy currently 😁😂🍷🍷🍷

But there is some good news! A few months ago, Louie sent us a surprise pack of stroganoff hamburger helper. I think this is when I was in my major stroganoff phase. Lou cooked up the package last night, and it was quite good. We are having leftovers tonight. We did have a vegetable with it – peas.

We will keep you updated on how Natasha is doing. She is my ❤️ dog, but I know she can also be the most annoying dog, bless her spoiled self.

We are planning to go to the cabin for Thanksgiving, fingers crossed that all will be healthy. I am in charge of Thanksgiving, so you definitely want to stay tuned for that!!!

Stay Safe!!!

Stitch Update

I realized I forgot to post these pics of Stitch earlier this week. I didn’t get a photo of his incision, it is only a couple of inches long and healing nicely.

He is still doing well, and we are trying to get him not to overdo it. He can have a bath next week, and we are all looking forward to that!

Stay Safe!

Stitch Update

Stitch and I made it safely to the vet clinic for his check-up. He was very well-behaved, as usual.

He got a good report card. Fortunately, the stitches are the dissolvable kind, so he didn’t have any discomfort from removal. Dr. Blake cleaned the incision area and applied some antibiotic ointment. It looks good, will get a photo later.

More good news – Stitch weighed in at 35 pounds, this is down a few from his previous weight recording. Losing a few more pounds will relieve stress off of his knees.

Dr. Blake thought it was good that he is able to put weight on his leg after just two weeks. We still need to keep him from running or jumping for the next 6-8 weeks.

Happy to get a good report, but nothing much changes. We will still be watching him closely. He has been sleeping upstairs, with assistance on the stairs.

Stay Safe!


We missed a blog update yesterday. When that happens, you know it is either because we 1) are too busy doing something exciting or traumatic, or 2) life is boring and there is no news.

Fortunately, for us it is the second option. No news yesterday is good news. Stitch continues to improve. He can now get himself to a standing position almost all the time. We try to limit his time on the hardwood floors because we don’t want him to trip or fall. He is putting a little weight on the leg sometimes. Guessing he is now about as good as he was before the surgery. Not bad in five days.

He is also sleeping better through the night. We are still in the sunroom, since I don’t want him dealing with the stairs yet. We are letting him hangout in the kitchen and family room – closely supervised. Today he picked the spot at the bottom of the loft stairs for his morning nap. Notice how he has started lying on his right leg some of the time.

Why, you might be asking, is Stitch hanging at the bottom of the seldom-used guest room in the loft. (Are there enough clues?) All to be revealed in the next update.

Stay Safe!

Not Much News

We continue to live our locked down life. Stitch is improving each day, and is able to get himself to a standing position, as long as he is on carpet. Teresa was here today, and that was upsetting to Stitch, because he usually follows her everywhere. After she left, we all took a nap for a few hours. Teresa felt bad, but it wasn’t her fault.

In other exciting news, Lou is cooking ham and navy bean soup, using the bone from the delicious ham he made earlier this week.

We still have some isolated areas of nice fall foliage. And, of course, lots of leaves on the ground now.

Stay Safe!