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Clean Dogs

The dogs went to the groomers today, and they are once again clean. In this photo, Natasha looks bigger than Stitch, but it is just perspective. Stitch still outweighs her by 10 pounds.

Our nice weather ended and we have had rain all day. We are heading up to the mountain tomorrow and will see if spring is blooming.

Stay Safe !!!

More Blooms

We still don’t have a lot of flowers, maybe the rain stifled growth. But the area under Lou’s train room window continues to bloom.

And we are starting to see some of the tiny flowers in the ground cover, plus the landscapers are getting ready to plant more. Even found a colorful weed.

This set of photos popped up in my memories, from exactly two years ago:

The dogs had obviously just had a bath and haircut – they aren’t looking quite so fresh today!

National Puppy Day

Was yesterday, so I am a day late. I thought it would be fun to share this early look at one of Natasha’s starring roles:

We will be at the cabin for a few more days. We almost had snow yesterday, but it turned to mostly slush. It is still nice to enjoy the last of winter.

Happy New Year

The Lunar New year Celebration starts on February 1st. Also known as Chinese New Year, this is the year of the Tiger.

We had our second day of sunshine since the Blizzard. still cold and lots of snow drifts, but roads are clear.

Some family news updates: Louie turned 8 on Sunday, and had his very own Red Velvet cake. Chrisie also sent a photo today as the family celebrated Chinese New Year:

Happy Birthday, Louie!!!

In other family news, Beth and Todd have just adopted 3 year old Olga. Olga is a brindle Frenchie, and she will be a good companion to Ace. Here is a photo of Olga sunning herself, and Beth promises to send photos of Olga and Ace playing together.

Congratulations, Olga! You won the dog lottery of rescue adoptions!!!

Stay Safe!

Happy New Year!

Sending you all good wishes from Northport. We had a nice time at the cabin, but decided to come home before the New Year’s crowds ascended. We would have stayed if the forecast was for a lot of snow, but that was not the case!

We did get a touch of snow last night, which put some snow on the tree branches for a short time this morning.

Our drive home was uneventful – the skies were clear all the way into Belfast, when we encountered some fog. The Princess registered her displeasure with being forced to sit in the back seat:

As we pulled into our driveway, I was pleased to see there was no 3rd story added to the SHED. It isn’t quite done, but they have made good progress.

Sending Happy New Year wishes to family and friends. We are not sad to say goodbye to 2021, but we do want to remind you all – 2022 is pronounced ”twenty twenty too.”

Stay Safe!!!

Morning Walk

I took the dogs out for a decent walk this morning. They have been suffering from cabin fever and have been particularly annoying these last couple of days. We had a nice walk, and they enjoyed the outing. Of course, we got back, and within 20 minutes Natasha had to go check out the front deck. There must be some set patrol times they are following.

This first gallery shows some of the surroundings. The first photo is the path to the golf course. I need to venture up there to get some comparison photos with the fall shots. The fourth photo is the neighbor’s house across the street. I have to take photos of other houses, since you can’t see ours through the trees. And we can’t see much of any other houses while cocooned in front of our cozy fireplace.

That is an accidental selfie. I was trying to capture the dogs (who refused to look at me), and snapped myself. It is fun trying to operate the iPhone camera while wearing gloves and wrangling two mischievous pups.

You may have also noticed the lack of snow on the trees. We had some heavy winds during the past two days, but we are hoping for more snow this weekend.

We will be back with Christmas Eve wishes this evening. Gotta go – someone is ringing the bells. It must be patrol time!

Stay Safe!!!