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A Day without Lobster …

is a sad day for the Girls from California. So far, I believe today (Tuesday) is the second day they have gone without their crustacean fix. Yesterday was just too rainy and windy to go out, and Catherine had some school work to do today.

Don’t be sad, we are still eating well. Lou treated us to his special blueberry pancakes and they were yummy..

We have also had a couple of nice dinners. Lou made spaghetti and meat sauce one night, and we had that with a big salad. Tasty! This was actually the first of our Christmas-in-January dinners. After dinner the girls gave us some nice presents and we had a mini Christmas. (We did not have any presents for them, because we don’t like to spoil them 😄).

And our collection of fun gifts:

One of these gifts deserves a closer look. Catherine did the painting of the dogs for her Dad. It reminded her of a painting she did for her Dad when she was a teenager:

We will share more excitement as the week continues.

Stay Safe !!!

Happy Birthday, Beth 🎂🎉💐

We had a very special day, celebrating Beth’s birthday today. It started with blueberry pancakes for breakfast, followed by Oysters and Lobster rolls for lunch. Will share some photos of those feasts tomorrow.

Tonight we will focus on the Birthday dinner. Catherine took over chef duties, and everything was delicious. You might be surprised to know lobster was on the menu. Stuffed mushroom appetizers were served before dinner:

The lobsters soon followed:

What’s a birthday celebration without cake?

Happy Birthday, Beth. We are delighted to get to share your special day here in Maine.

Stay safe, and stay tuned for more lobster adventures.

Lobsters in Peril 🦞🦞

The Sisters left early Friday morning from California, and arrived by 8 PM. All went well with their flights and it was great to see them both.

They made a quick visit to the hot tub last night, and discovered what single digit temps really mean. Catherine said her drink froze before she got in the hot water.

After Dad cooked a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the girls headed into town for a shopping trip. They came back with their lunch, and Sisters’ Trip 2022 was off to an official start.

Stay Safe !!!

Happy New Year!

Sending you all good wishes from Northport. We had a nice time at the cabin, but decided to come home before the New Year’s crowds ascended. We would have stayed if the forecast was for a lot of snow, but that was not the case!

We did get a touch of snow last night, which put some snow on the tree branches for a short time this morning.

Our drive home was uneventful – the skies were clear all the way into Belfast, when we encountered some fog. The Princess registered her displeasure with being forced to sit in the back seat:

As we pulled into our driveway, I was pleased to see there was no 3rd story added to the SHED. It isn’t quite done, but they have made good progress.

Sending Happy New Year wishes to family and friends. We are not sad to say goodbye to 2021, but we do want to remind you all – 2022 is pronounced ”twenty twenty too.”

Stay Safe!!!

Legoland – Part 2 – Guest Blog

Here we go – the rest of the story. Chrisie continues the Legoland Adventure below:

Legoland Guest Blog by Chrisie

We had breakfast and then headed west on interstate 4 towards Legoland. We were going to stay at one of the Hotels on the park’s land but they were booked for our dates. It ended up working better because someone got a much needed night’s sleep. 😃

We arrived early and parked. I went to the customer service counter to make sure our tickets were in order. You have to reserve everything online now. Good  thing I did. Someone (me) had messed up the tickets. The customer service representative squared it out and we headed towards the gate. Note: the Legoland website is not easy to navigate..

We started at the back of the park. We had read in a travel blog that everyone starts at the carousel. The back was completely quiet. They even had Vegas! Thought about Beth, but there was no Lego Beth. 😉

Louie wanted the first stop to be the mini US. Everything was made out of Legos. This was our favorite part of the park! Very very cool. They even had Palm Beach. We saw Lego Dragons, mummies, even animals. We did a couple of rides. No motion sickness; all the rides are for young children.

 Note: Legoland is PERFECT for kids under 10. Louie had a ball; absolutely loved it! Louie stopped inside some hands-on places.It was pretty cool.We grabbed burgers at the only place open to eat for lunch….a little hard to find food at Legoland. Then we went to the museum that told about the history of Legos and Legoland.

I forgot to add that mini USA had water squirters – see the photo below. Every little river had a button to push to shoot out water. Louie accidentally soaked a lady. We quickly left the area but it was hilarious!!

Yan was exhausted. Louie got a shirt and we headed home. It was a great day. Thank you Uncle Lou and Aunt Sharon for the Legoland experience. We haven’t seen Louie that excited in a long time.

This concludes the guest blog.

Thank you, Chrisie, for sharing your Legoland Adventure with us. Note – I asked Chrisie how crowded it was, and she said it wasn’t crowded at all. I guess these crazy kids were not so crazy after all, and this was a perfect time to visit Legoland. We are so glad you all had a great time.

Morning Walk

I took the dogs out for a decent walk this morning. They have been suffering from cabin fever and have been particularly annoying these last couple of days. We had a nice walk, and they enjoyed the outing. Of course, we got back, and within 20 minutes Natasha had to go check out the front deck. There must be some set patrol times they are following.

This first gallery shows some of the surroundings. The first photo is the path to the golf course. I need to venture up there to get some comparison photos with the fall shots. The fourth photo is the neighbor’s house across the street. I have to take photos of other houses, since you can’t see ours through the trees. And we can’t see much of any other houses while cocooned in front of our cozy fireplace.

That is an accidental selfie. I was trying to capture the dogs (who refused to look at me), and snapped myself. It is fun trying to operate the iPhone camera while wearing gloves and wrangling two mischievous pups.

You may have also noticed the lack of snow on the trees. We had some heavy winds during the past two days, but we are hoping for more snow this weekend.

We will be back with Christmas Eve wishes this evening. Gotta go – someone is ringing the bells. It must be patrol time!

Stay Safe!!!