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Cold Castaways

Not much new here, so I went back looking for an old memory from Jan 13th. I found these folks from Jan 13, 2013. This was during one of our Disney Cruises. We had a cold day at Castaway Cay, but the girls enjoyed it anyway.  They sure have grown up!







Be Safe!!!

Happy Anniversary

Today is a milestone anniversary for Catherine and Mark – more years married then single. Happy 26th Anniversary!!!

Lou and I were scheduled to head out to Disney World today … obviously that trip is cancelled. We are fine with that, would rather have people be safe, including ourselves!!! Plus, we can reschedule when the world begins to move back to normal.

It was a good opportunity to review some Disney memories and recall just how much better Disney is with family. These photos are from our 2012 trip.

Be Safe!

WDW Day 3 – Magic Kingdom, a Nap, and Dinner

Lou suggested going to see the Christmas decorations at the Magic Kingdom, so we hopped on a bus and walked down Main Street and into Tomorrow Land. We did some shopping and just generally looked around. It was quite crowded, and was still warm. But it was good to see our third park of the trip. We only missed Animal Kingdom, and we will see that next year.

We returned to the room and had time for an afternoon nap. We stopped in to the Bell cue Lounge before dinner, then went to Trattoria al forna, which is the Italian Restaurant on the Boardwalk. This was our first time trying it for dinner.

We enjoyed our dinner … I had a delicious pizza, and Lou went with the calamari appetizer, followed by a strip steak. The bread was delicious and came with a tasty olive tapenade spread.

With a nice bottle of Italian Wine:

Our server was Todd, and he was very good. We both enjoyed our dinner, and I am sure this Restaurant will be on our list of regulars.

Since it was our last night, and we weren’t getting picked up until 9am on Thursday, we went back to the Belle Vue Lounge for a special treat …

Grasshoppers! A fun after dinner drink that works for dessert as well.

This basically wraps up our trip report. We had easy flights on Thursday, and were home before 8pm. We were happy to see the pups, and they obviously had a good time with Teresa.

We had a good trip, and will be scheduling return visits next year to use our DVC points. Highlights included the Candlelight Processional, spending some relaxing time together, and enjoying nice meals. And, of course, I was thrilled to get to fight for the Resistance.

This was a short trip. We used to find 2 and 3 night trips just right when we lived in Florida – just a 2 hour drive to Disney World. We now think a minimum of 4 nights will be better, since it takes the better part of a day to get there, and then back again from Maine.

WDW Day 3 – Rise of the Resistance !!!

Arguably the best attraction in all of Disney, the Rise of the Resistance was calling out to me. I mentioned being assigned a boarding group number when I entered the park. At about 7:30am, I received a message from the Disney App that I had a two hour window to board my ship!

I was in the midst of texting with Lou when I received the notification to board … “sorry dear, gotta go save the galaxy.” Lou sent me off on my mission, with plans to meet up afterwards if I survived.

This is the beginning of the inside queue – I was here at 7:34am.

There were many props to examine while walking through the line, and this helped the time go by.

Some random photos from the ride … the story is fairly basic – you are joining the Resistance Fighters and your ship is captured by the bad guys of the First Order. You have to escape in order to keep the Resistance efforts on track. Exciting stuff! This is an immersive ride experience that uses several different technologies. It is also one of the longest rides – lasting about 20 minutes once you get to your first shuttle.

You are taken into the hanger of the enemy ship, and are surrounded by Storm Troopers. These are all animatronic figures, but they move in a way that makes many people think they are real.

We did manage to escape and made it safely to the planet of Batuu.

I was exiting the ride at 8:34am, exactly an hour after I responded to my invitation to join the Resistance. Given the actual ride is 20 minutes, I waited in line for about 40 minutes. Not bad for the first week of the ride opening. I can only imagine how long people will wait once they stop giving out Boarding Group numbers to the early risers (all Boarding Groups were given out by 7:30am, so people arriving at normal opening time had no chance to experience the ride).

I needed a drink after the excitement!

I started back to the Boardwalk, and it took almost an hour to get back, because I had to wait for a boat from Hollywood Studios. There was much more to see in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, but I had already clocked 3 miles and I was tired!!!

I did, of course, have to take a few photos on my way out of the park.

I just missed a boat, so this set me back about 10-15 minutes. Then the boat I did get had to stop at the Swan & Dolphin, and the Yacht Club, before finally docking at the Boardwalk. It was a beautiful morning.

Lou was patiently waiting for me at the dock, and we had coffee and breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery. I appreciated him giving up a nice sit down breakfast so I could complete my totally unexpected, but thrilling morning adventures.

Up next … a bus ride, some shopping, and more evening adventures.

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WDW Day 3 – A Hollywood Studios Surprise

12 December 2019, Wednesday

My plan on Wednesday morning was to get up early and do another sunrise photo shoot, but from the Beach Club area. I tried unsuccessfully to not wake up Lou, when I left the room at 6am.

Once down the stairs, I changed my mind and headed towards Hollywood Studios. There was a new ride that had just opened, and I heard they were opening the park early – so, even if it was crowded, I could take some photos. It was a very dark walk …

I arrived at Hollywood Studios, and there didn’t seem to be many people here … hmmm, maybe they weren’t opening early today.

I went through security, and found some more people. It was now about 6:20am. I only waited 10 minutes before they opened the park! They opened 90 minutes early.

I entered the park, and was able to use the Disney App to score a boarding pass for the brand new Star Wars ride!!! This won’t mean much if you aren’t a Disney fan who enjoys Star Wars, but this was a big deal to me, and I was smiling like a 12 year old 😱

I don’t know why I was surprised to find the shops open already as well.

Soon enough, I found my way to the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge area … excited!!!

The theming is very well done, and quite immersive – at least if you are a fan girl. Even the restrooms and shopping areas fit totally into the environment.

I had some time before I was to ride the new attraction, Rise of the Resistance, so I continued on to the other top ride … the Millenium Falcon Smugglers Run. This ride has only been operating for 3.5 months, so another brand new experience!

Smugglers Run is a simulator ride where you sit in a 6 person cockpit and have to fly through space, shoot bad guys and asteroids. You know, all that space stuff. It is interactive, as the passengers actually have to pilot the vehicle, line up the guns, and make repairs during the mission. Actually, if you are interested in this, you probably already know what the ride is. And, if you aren’t interested, you are reading this just to humor me 😂

Again, the theming is all part of the ride … this is the Millenium Falcon in the photo below:

The entrance to the ride:

It is difficult to get photos on the actual ride, but I got a pretty good one …

We completed our mission and made our way back outside.

That was fun!!! And I got to do a walk-on ride on an attraction that generally has a one to two hour wait. There was a Photopass Photographer at the ride exit who wanted to take my photo … she probably hadn’t seen too many old ladies helping the smugglers!

Some more of the local area:

Up Next … Joining the Resistance!!!