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Cold Castaways

Not much new here, so I went back looking for an old memory from Jan 13th. I found these folks from Jan 13, 2013. This was during one of our Disney Cruises. We had a cold day at Castaway Cay, but the girls enjoyed it anyway.  They sure have grown up!







Be Safe!!!

Leaving Misty Fjords and Cruising to Ketchikan

It has been a struggle to reconstruct the last day’s journey without minute by minute photos. However, this map gives us a good idea of where we were and where we were going.

We came down the Behm Canal and anchored in Walker Cove. All of this is within Misty Fjords National Monument – a National Monument differs from a National Park in that it protects objects or wilderness areas of cultural, historical, and scientific value. For example, the Statue of Liberty is a National Monument.

Kathy shared these next images, taken after lunch, as we began to travel towards Ketchikan.

And some more from Lou:

This is such a beautiful area. We were feeling fortunate to have had the opportunity to play in Misty Fjords, and to soak up the reflections of the shore line, and grandeur of the fjords.

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Paddle Boards and More

The afternoon was all about hanging out in the cove and paddleboarding and kayaking. We saw a bear, and two crazy girls who couldn’t get enough of splashing around.

There go Olivia and Tory … wayyyyyy far away. Watch out girls, there are bears out there.

We enjoyed a nice dinner, and had a seat where we could look out the window … and sure enough, the bear came back to check things out.

Another Alaska day done. The girls spent the evening with new friends they’d made this week. The rest of us may have attended a presentation by an expedition guide, or we (most likely) went to bed early!

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A Day in Traitor’s Cove

Thursday 14 July 2016

We were getting closer to Ketchikan, but still had two full days left. I imagine there were some folks out doing longer hikes and kayak paddles, but we did a skiff tour, then mostly hung out near the boat watching the girls have fun on (and in) the water.

Traitor’s Cove is one of the places where people fly in to see bears. While we weren’t in the prime bear viewing area, we did see a couple of bears – or maybe the same bear twice.

The people in the kayaks were not quite as close to the bear as it looks in the photos, but I remember thinking they were crowding the bear. It did not, however, seem stressed or bothered by humans floating in bright colored tubes.

As an aside, Lou and I paid about $750 each for a one day fly in trip to see bears in 2013. We saw no bears. We would have been ecstatic to see even one bear on the edge of the creek. It has been somewhat commonplace on this trip.

Folks from one of the early Skiff Tours zipping back to the boat:

Our group was called for our Skiff Tour and we set off. It was … interesting. We saw beautiful scenery, of course. Lots of eagles, and some very creepy seal skulls 💀

Kinda creepy, huh. Zombie seal skulls coming after us …

More beautiful scenery:

Back to the boat well before lunch, so time to play with kayaks and paddle boards. It certainly was a very pretty area, and we were enjoying some overcast skies, after having all that sunshine the past two weeks!

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More Evidence of Aliens in Alaska

Tuesday 12 July 2016

We all enjoyed a quiet morning, but things got dicy in the afternoon. Some of the group headed out for a strenuous hike, and the smart ones signed up for the skiff tour. The skiff tour started out on the dull side:

Ho hum, we have been seeing mountains and clouds for two weeks. Still, it was nice to see the sunshine so bright.

We could barely see one of the hiking groups after they had landed.

Things are starting to get interesting. This is obviously a glacier. The notes on our trip map say Baird Glacier (thanks Kathy), but it looks different from the approach we made to Baird Glacier on our last trip. Maybe we are on another part of it. I’m not doing a good job of showing we are actually in a skiff, and are carefully winding our way through very shallow water. When we make the next turn, we can see some caves in the ice.

I don’t know what those streaks are. I’m thinking there might be some type of alien radioactivity affecting the camera sensor. It did it on the second photo as well. I suppose it is possible it is the camera capturing drips from inside the cave, but that isn’t as much fun as alien interference. Our guides had to pose for a photo at the cave entrance.

This photo clearly shows the entrance to the cave. I’m guessing this is where the aliens stored their exploration vehicles when they didn’t want to take them back to the mother ship.

We can see the hikers again – that is Tory in the center in the pink jacket. We think perhaps we have better views of the alien caves from the skiff.

There is a lesson here. Sometimes the days that start slowly, and the adventures that seem “meh” at the beginning lead to uncharted territory, and to the best surprises of the trip. The photos may not do justice to the sights we saw, and the fun we had working our way towards the ice caves. Does anyone remember the name of this area? I’m sure I wrote the name of the glacier down in my notes, but that would have been, cough cough, a while ago.

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Alaska is filled with Small Alien Things

Monday 11 July 2016

Today was a shore walk. I love shore walks. We walk on the shore, of course, but the best part is looking for special things in the water and at the water’s edge. I am not very good at finding stuff, but I let others find it and I take a picture.

We needed two skiffs to get ashore, and we had an easy wet landing. Once on shore, we walked along and looked for stuff. I always like to get photos of our ship when we are either leaving or returning. I guess that makes me the ship’s photographer …

Now we start exploring and finding all kinds of very strange stuff. I’m sure it’s not strange if you know Alaskan Flora & Fauna, but I do find it strange and wonderful, and yes, as if aliens left stuff behind on one of their visits.

When going through my photos, I could not imagine why I had taken over 60 photos of this mish mash. Then I remembered – I was trying to catch the squirting of the mussels…

I thought I was mesmerized by the shore line creatures. Kathy may have taken it a little too far – she started wearing them.

Gosh Almighty, that is a ton of photos for one post. I seriously had forgotten how incredible some of our shore walks were, and it is delight to rediscover the wonders of our 2016 F&F trip.

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