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Leaving Misty Fjords and Cruising to Ketchikan

It has been a struggle to reconstruct the last day’s journey without minute by minute photos. However, this map gives us a good idea of where we were and where we were going.

We came down the Behm Canal and anchored in Walker Cove. All of this is within Misty Fjords National Monument – a National Monument differs from a National Park in that it protects objects or wilderness areas of cultural, historical, and scientific value. For example, the Statue of Liberty is a National Monument.

Kathy shared these next images, taken after lunch, as we began to travel towards Ketchikan.

And some more from Lou:

This is such a beautiful area. We were feeling fortunate to have had the opportunity to play in Misty Fjords, and to soak up the reflections of the shore line, and grandeur of the fjords.

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Back to Juneau and A Tour at Mendenhall Glacier

(9 July 2016) Our first week ended on July 9th, and we docked in Juneau just after breakfast.  We rented a van and drove to Mendenhall Glacier.  When Lou and I visited in 2013 it was May and there was almost no one there.  We saw lots of travelers, but still had a good view of the glacier and the falls.

Alaska July 9-1
Rogues’ Gallerry

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After visiting the glacier and the Visitor’s Center, we drove back to town. The kids all went shopping and found some lunch, while Lou and I enjoyed lunch and a nap while waiting to board the ship.

That’s it for Week One of our Adventure. Week Two is coming, hopefully in less than 3 years !!!

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Kayaks & A Very Cold Dip

(8 July 2016) July 8th … still in the first week of our trip, we woke up in a quiet cove with a Coast Guard Vessel in sight.  Today was spent mostly relaxing on the boat and catching up on naps after the previous fun-filled days.  The younger crowd went on a kayaking excursion, while the oldsters took a skiff tour.  Even though it was a year ago, I remember this was a rather dull skiff tour … not much to see other than some eagles on the shoreline.  But, no complaints as we had more days to come.

We also had a few brave souls who participated in the Polar Plunge – not sure why anyone would want to subject themselves to freezing cold water, but they were smiling when they survived the plunge.

Alaska July 8-1

Today’s skiff tour was uneventful, but did draw a big smile from Beth.

Today was the polar plunge, and we had a few brave souls from our group who were crazy enough to jump into almost freezing cold conditions.

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A Relaxing UnCruise Day

(7 July 2016) We woke up to a bright sunshiny day. But if you had sneaked a peak at 4:30am, you would have seen a fiery sunrise:

Our group may have missed sunrise, but nobody was missing breakfast!

Lou was also out early to grab some scenic shots.

After checking out today’s menu, most of us loaded up for a skiff tour. It felt great to get out in sunshine, not a care in the world.

We saw some eagles, and even a pair of otters, as we made our way back to the boat.

Captain Dano tosses us a line as we arrive safely back to the boat. This had been a very nice skiff tour.

This has been a very long post, so let’s break now, and next we will see what tomorrow has in store for us.

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More Glacier Bay

(6 July 2016) Here we go again, picking right up on the middle of Glacier Bay. We’d been oohing and awwing over glaciers for a couple of hours. Now it was time to see some wildlife to go with the ice action.

This grizzly bear and her cub were foraging in the grass. They looked at us a few times, but didn’t seem concerned. The cub even nursed for a short while. We were a fair distance away.

It wasn’t long before we looked up on the mountain, and we could barely make out another bear. If I remember correctly, Lou spotted the bear. He just sits quietly while we cruise along, but often is the first to spot distant wildlife. Steve was also Mr. Eagle Eye.

But we didn’t forget to look at the scenery, still awe-inspiring.

Then it was like someone turned a switch, and we were in the midst of lots of different types of wildlife.

We had dinner, and pulled up to the dock at Bartlett Cove, headquarters for Glacier Bay National Park. It seemed strange, disembarking for a hike at 7pm, but it stayed light until late, and clearly we were trying to cram as much as possible into our day at Glacier Bay National Park.

I don’t have any photos from this evening – if memory serves, we sent the younger crowd off on their own while we relaxed, probably with a nice Alaskan Brew. I imagine, if I did have photos, they would look a lot like this:

This concludes our day in Glacier Bay National Park – a very special place and one of the “not to be missed” places if you are cruising the Inside Passage in Alaska.

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Celebrity Guest Blog

Yes, folks, we are still in the midst of our Alaska Tour. For today’s post, we bring you our guest blogger, Miss Victoria Holmes – the featured blogger on the UnCruise Adventure Official Blog.

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