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We are all rather lethargic today – it could be the thought of getting in the car again early tomorrow morning – but we are anxious to get to California and visit family and friends.  Natasha had a bath today and has purple bows in her ears … I really have fallen down in my dog photography.  Will get back to it when the energy levels return (I hear that collective groan 🙂 )


Friday, September 21st – Our Second Full Day at Yellowstone:

This day started like all the rest – early!  And, the coffee was terrible at the Brandin’ Iron Motel, so that didn’t help.  But, it was time to head out and hunt for some more elk, and maybe see a few other things as well.

We did get some photos of the sunrise:



We drove through some trees:



We saw a Bison Family cause a small traffic jam (note – supposedly the Bull doesn’t hang around the mother and calf, but it sure looked like a family unit to me):


We stopped at an interesting looking steamy spring:





We finally found some elk – it was quite entertaining watching one of the cows taunt the bull.  She certainly appeared to be leading him on, flirting and teasing, until she ran off up the hill.  For a moment, we thought we might see more than we should!








And, there she goes, running up the hill.  He followed after.  Who knows what happened next?

That was our morning excitement – lunch and the afternoon will follow in the next post.

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