Catastrophe Averted!!!

Thanks again to all who have followed our report on the Galápagos Trip.  I do believe a few of our guest bloggers are working on some additional items, so that will be fun when those show up.

I don’t believe I mentioned a significant wrinkle that occurred early in the trip.  In transit from Quito to the ship, I somehow managed to smash my fairly new iPad. Even though I was carrying it in my hand luggage … 


This was particularly irritating because this is a replacement iPad for one I’d dropped a few months before … and I was pretty sure it was out of the 90 day Amex Warranty period, so I was … 😞 😔 😭 

Once we made it off the ship, I double checked the purchase date and found I had … drumroll … actually bought the optional repair/replacement insurance. 

I filed the claim and sent the broken iPad in.  They fixed it the same day and sent it back.  It appears to be like new and working fine. Nice to have a happy ending!


For now, I am using the old “cracked” one, cause it is barely noticeable compared to the disaster from the trip.  And I’m scared to mess up the repaired one 😊 

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  1. Very happy ending! That insurance turns out to have been money well spent. Maybe you need a bubble-wrap casing for it!

  2. How funny! I kept the plastic liner on my replacement screen for AT LEAST 6 months fearing I would damage the brand new one! 😉

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