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Our cell phone contract with AT&T ends this month, so it was time to switch to Verizon.  We have had such bad coverage with AT&T that we had no choice.  Lou hated his iPhone, so of course, he got another one.  To be fair, he didn’t really hate the phone, as much as he dislikes Apple.  He got the iPhone 4, because the last thing he needs is “Siri” telling him what to do.  I picked the 4s, because it has a better camera and will play Angry Birds.

We decided to get different colors this time – makes it a lot easier to avoid grabbing the wrong phone.

And, to further add to the technology overload, my new Amazon Kindle Fire arrived today as well.  I’ll do a more detailed post on it once I’ve had a chance to use it, because I know y’all are fascinated with our love of gadgets.


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