Back to Alaska – Glacier Bay National Park

(6 July 2016). Here is the first part of our day in Glacier Bay National Park.  The first few photos were taken at 4am, and show the milky aqua look you get at that time of the day.  The rest of the photos were taken around 7am … so people look pretty good for being up so early!


People started getting up … early!  We had been cruising all night, so we could arrive in Glacier Bay National Park early in the morning to maximize our 24 hour permit.  Note – we were able to be here for 3 days in 2013, but things have changed.  It was still great.

Sisters … in front of Margerie Glacier – the most well known and popular Glacier in all of Glacier Bay National Park:

I always manage to get at least one photo of Lou in his “Captain’s Pose”

Some of the rest of the crew, enjoying hot chocolate or coffee at 7am before going out on deck:

I thought I was taking a photo of a harbor seal – not until I started looking at the photo did I realize these were otters.  Why did I not think otters would get out of the water onto an ice berg?

Lots more coming for this day — lot’s of glaciers and wildlife.

HaHa … you didn’t really think Lou jumped overboard, did you?  We can’t lose our resident photographer.  He captures all the long range shots when we get off the boat.

Click HERE to see more Glacier Bay.

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