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My cooking efforts have been sidelined for a while, but Lou has been cooking up a storm. I did get back into take out mode with pizza last week.

I had a project to do, and Lou was prompting me to get it done. There is no Creme de Cacao in the entire large city of Belfast, so I planned to make some. I wanted to do this to make a green drink for St. Patrick’s Day … but then, I found out it would take two weeks. As with most of my cooking projects, I kind of lost interest 😜🙄😉 given the time delay.

Inspired to get it done (I really wanted a green drink), I tackled it today, with just a hint of supervision. The first thing to do was chop/grate the Raw Cacao Butter:

Yep – raw cacao butter and vodka. Already sounding tasty. And yes, every house should have a collection of beakers on hand.

Now we let it sit and soak for a couple of weeks:

Be Safe!

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  1. No wonder I can’t find my beakers and seal tight jars… I better get a “grasshopper” cocktail out of this… but I’ll settle for a “white Russian”… maybe one of each 🤪

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