Baby Seal Rescue

We had some excitement yesterday. A young harbor seal showed up by our boat. It swam around for awhile, then climbed up on the bank – it was low tide. It stayed on the bank for about 10 minutes before one of the little kids chased it back to the water :(. We had a group assembled checking things out – we weren't sure if it was in distress or just tired.

Fortunately, Ben arrived and said they had seen it earlier and notified the appropriate wildflower wildlife rescue group (gotta love Apple Autocorrect). He thought it might have an injured flipper. I took some pics, and later Ben came back with a gal from the rescue group. She had me email my photos, and this morning Ben told Lou he'd heard from the rescue group. They thought it might have an injured flipper, but since My photos showed it was moving it, they weren't too worried. So, hopefully the little guy (or gal) will be OK. We do have a phone number to call if we spot it.










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  1. Good thing you have all that 4H experience!

    He is so cute but I hope his mama finds him soon and scoops him up…then grounds him to the rock pile for a month for running away! 🙂

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