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An Audience of Two

All is well.  Rain here all day, but we had an easy schedule, so it was okay. Yesterday was busy … we both stopped in at the optician to get our new glasses fitted. Then I had an oncology checkup at 11am – all good and I will probably go on annual check ups instead of every six months.  In the afternoon I finally got to the dentist to get my gold overlay glued back on – the one I lost at the cabin, and the same one Stitch chewed on …). So far, so good. 

Lou worked on some projects – helping out our Women’s golf group by printing some posters, and helped me with some other golf club stuff. Speaking of golf stuff … I finished the new website for our club … it was fun, and fortunately my experience doing our little family and friends blog came in handy.  Check it out … it is very simple, but hopefully easy to navigate and to update – Northport Golf Club.

And, because we always like to have a photo in each post, here is our morning start … Lou enjoying his bagel (with peanut butter).  Two dogs – watching his every move. You can just hear them, “Um, Louie … Dad … we really really like bagels and peanut butter too …” I believe he did relent and give them last bite. 


Be Safe!!!

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  1. A huge congrats on the oncology checkup. Going from 6 months to a year is GREAT news!
    The Northport Golf Club website looks fantastic! It was very easy to navigate. Nice job! 😉

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