Almost Over …

We arrived in Anchorage today.  We have one more day, then we leave early Friday for the long flight(s) home to Maine.

The trip has been great.  A few small snags along the way, but nothing to take away from the good stuff.

I’ll just share a few bird pics, since I have some ready to go.  We really wanted to see Puffins – funny looking birds that can be found in cold places – like Alaska and Maine.  We had booked a special boat tour in Sitka to see Puffins, but it was cancelled.  Fortunately, a few puffins decided to cruise along beside us when we were in Glacier Bay.  Here are some of the photos:














These are tufted puffins.  There is another type, called horned puffins.  Not quite sure where to find them.  We have a tour scheduled in July to try and see puffins in Maine with Kathy and Steve.

Hope everyone is well.  Mij says she and the dogs are fine, although we miss them and look forward to getting back to Maine.

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