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(30 June 2016) We’ve started sorting our Alaska photos, and would like to share.  To make it easier (mostly for me), I will be going day by day, perhaps doing some special posts with more photos if something was very interesting.  Lou is supposed to share his photos, and I’m hoping Kathy will share as well.  I will also steal some of Catherine and Beth’s, when we get to the Cruising section.  I’m also going to try to convince them all to prepare a guest blog with their personal highlights, so a little pressure from Grandma and our friendly readers would be appreciated.

Alaska Arrival – Flying into Sitka

We landed in Sitka Thursday evening around 6pm.  The views as we flew into the airport – where the runway almost sits on the land – gave us a good preview of what we would be seeing during the coming week:


Steve & Kathy look pretty chipper, just having survived over 20 hours of airplanes and layovers:


Everything went swimmingly, until we counted bags and realized we were missing 2 of 5 – yep, Steve and Lou had no underwear! This lead to protracted discussions at the Delta Counter.  The bags could not be located, so we had no idea if they were lost in Atlanta or Seattle.


The four of us checked into the Sitka Super 8 Luxury Hotel (I kid – but it was clean).  Kathy was zonked, so Lou and I went out for a pizza before turning in, while Steve settled for a Power Bar snack.

Click HERE to keep reading and find out if the underwear arrived.

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  1. With all you have done for the California crews, I certainly hope Cath and Beth will
    comply with your request for “guest blogs” covering their pictures and outstanding
    events. I’m sure your fellow blog readers would appreciate it, and I KNOW I WILL.

    With love to all, Gma

  2. Hey, some of the more responsible family members have already submitted! With so many incredible memories and pictures to choose from, it was an easy task – unbelievable experience!

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