Alaska is filled with Small Alien Things

Monday 11 July 2016

Today was a shore walk. I love shore walks. We walk on the shore, of course, but the best part is looking for special things in the water and at the water’s edge. I am not very good at finding stuff, but I let others find it and I take a picture.

We needed two skiffs to get ashore, and we had an easy wet landing. Once on shore, we walked along and looked for stuff. I always like to get photos of our ship when we are either leaving or returning. I guess that makes me the ship’s photographer …

Now we start exploring and finding all kinds of very strange stuff. I’m sure it’s not strange if you know Alaskan Flora & Fauna, but I do find it strange and wonderful, and yes, as if aliens left stuff behind on one of their visits.

When going through my photos, I could not imagine why I had taken over 60 photos of this mish mash. Then I remembered – I was trying to catch the squirting of the mussels…

I thought I was mesmerized by the shore line creatures. Kathy may have taken it a little too far – she started wearing them.

Gosh Almighty, that is a ton of photos for one post. I seriously had forgotten how incredible some of our shore walks were, and it is delight to rediscover the wonders of our 2016 F&F trip.

Click HERE to go back to the boat with us, and see what the next adventure brings.

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  1. What a wonderful array of strange creatures! I love the shot of the smooth black rocks covered with beautiful barnacles… are those barnacles? (BTW, the link that says to click “here” to go to the next post isn’t working.)

    • Ha! You caught me, Laurie. I put the link in ahead, but the post isn’t scheduled to be posted for another 15 minutes or so. (I do up several posts at a time and then schedule them to post during the next few days).

      I think they are barnacles. And I just love those rocks too – they were a decent size – maybe 6 to 12 inches long (the rocks, that is).

      I also like the barnacles in the first few pics .,, they look like dim sum, all wrapped up.

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