Alaska Adventure – Version 2015

We are in Alaska!  After almost 20 hours of travel yesterday, we arrived at midnight in Anchorage – remember, there is a four hour time change.  We checked into our hotel and slept all the way until 5:30am this morning.  Our plan is just to relax for a couple of days to adjust to the time change, then we join up with our travel group to head to Lake Clark National Park.  There, we will be bear huntin’.

A big thanks to Mij, who is staying home with the dogs.  She said they spent a lot of time in the kitchen window, waiting for our return.  Once they figure out Mij will feed them, and knows where the doggie cookies are, they will be fine.

Leaving Northport Friday morning – it was foggy, and stayed that way for the whole drive to Portland:

Leaving Northport-3


Arrived at the Portland Airport with no problem.  Upon arrival at our gate for our 12:20pm departure, we found it crowded with people waiting to take off on their 7:30am departure!!!  Yes – it was almost 11am and they were still waiting.  The good news is … Delta provided donuts:

Airplane fun-4


The bad news – I ate two donuts (had to eat one for Lou, since he behaved).  It was total chaos, but we departed just a little late for our trip to Atlanta.  Things went smoothly from there, as we connected to Seattle, then to Anchorage.

Had a snack on our first flight – didn’t know whether to smoke it or eat it:

Airplane fun-5


We were served dinner on the way to Seattle, and it was one of the better airplane meals we’ve had:

Airplane fun-6


We are staying at the Lake Front Hotel in Anchorage, just minutes from the airport, and located on Lake Hood.  Lake Hood is where all the Float Planes live, so we can watch the planes as we recover from jet lag.  Tomorrow evening we hook up with our Photo Tour Group, departing Monday morning for Lake Clark National Park.

A couple early morning photos of Lake Hood – this is the largest Float Plane base in the world:

Lake Hood-2


Lake Hood-1

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  1. Glad you arrived and were quickly able to get in relaxation mode!

    Hard to believe a lake as pretty as this is nothing compared to what you’re about to see. Have a great time and blog when you can!

    • This lake is right at the Anchorage Airport – but it’s fun because of all the float planes.

      Will update when we can … Internet will be limited during the week.

  2. Looks like a peaceful setting to recover from the journey. What a long trip! I know Atlanta is Delta’s hub, but going there on your way to Alaska is weird!

    • I know! Our other option was going through Detroit, but the layovers were much longer. This actually seemed like a shorter trip than 2013, when we went through Detroit.

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