Alaska Adventure 2019 … Day 1

We were up before 4am to get ready for our 6:45am train departure to Seward. Not as bad as it sounds, since we have a four hour time difference between Alaska and Maine. We were one of the first to arrive at the Train Depot … surprise!

We had good views from the dome car, as well as a nice covered open area in the back. Our trip included breakfast in the dining car, which turned out to be good. The total trip was less than 4 hours. We enjoyed it, but both agreed it wasn’t necessarily better than our previous trips on the Alaska RR. We often read reviews saying the Anchorage to Seward leg is the best … but we liked Fairbanks to Denali. More photos when we get home, but a few for now:

We checked into our hotel, then grabbed the shuttle back to town. We had a delicious lunch (halibut chunks for me, a hamburger for Lou), Lou bought a fishing license, and we checked out the small boat harbor. We found the boat we will be on tomorrow, and met our Captain.

I doubt we will have internet access for the next four days, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us … although I do keep hearing the theme to Gilligan’s Island. We have the Professor, the Captain, and … not sure if I get to be Mary Ann or Ginger.

Click HERE to read an overview of our trip, and then we will arrive in Seward. .

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  1. A long journey to get there, but it sounds like you’re off to a great start. Too bad the train wasn’t as good as previous legs, but your photos from the train are wonderful. What a pretty harbor that is and your boat looks great. A three hour tour……

  2. Love the train’s views and all your info re your travels so far. Look forward to your
    next transmittals………….Jeannette

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