Alaska – A Long Travel Day

We are officially enroute.  Up at 5AM this morning for our short walk across to the terminal.  We borrowed a hotel baggage cart to haul the bags over …



Only the green bags have clothes – the others have camera stuff.  Once Lou returned the cart, we went through security.  I stopped in for some coffee – and found we could also buy some live lobsters to take on the trip …



Passed on the lobsters this time.  Bangor is a very informal airport.  They don’t bother to post the gate for the flights – I guess you are supposed to know which one you want.  But, it’s small, so it wasn’t difficult to figure out.  We had a 2 hour flight to Detroit on a small plane, and arrived safely ahead of schedule (always happens when you don’t have a quick connection to make):



The Detroit Airport was both larger and nicer than we expected – very modern, including a psychedelic tunnel between concourses where the walls change color to music:





We have been in the Delta Sky Lounge for about 5 hours – another hour to go before we get ready to board the flight to Seattle.


Then we change planes and on to Juneau.  We are scheduled to arrive in Juneau around 9:30 pm (1:30 am our time).  The plan is to just relax tomorrow, then we board the ship late Saturday afternoon.

Will check in from Alaska!

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  1. Actually the Detroit airport looks just like it did in 2011 — when I did my “passing
    thru”. Yes, the underground “trip” is very different — both sight-wise and sound-wise. So glad your flights were relatively smooth — tho long—rather the layovers
    were long!

    Enjoy the sights and cool weather.

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