Alaska 2016 – Week 2 Family & Friends Adventure

We reboarded the Wilderness Discover at 5pm in Juneau – Everyone had the same room, and also found clean laundry waiting for them. We were all familiar with the ship and the routine, and excited about what the week might bring.

Here is a summary of the blog posts for this trip. You can click on an individual post link below, or go HERE to start at the beginning and read about all of Week 2.. You will find a Go HERE link at the bottom of each post. That lets you skip the non-related blog posts. (You may need to click your browser’s back button to get back to current blog posts. Or, just click the title,, and that will always bring you back to the top of the blog.)

2016 Alaska – Week 2 Family & Friends UnCruise Adventure

  • Embarkation Week 2 – Plus Bonus Pics
    We will start the reporting on Week Two of the 2016 F&F Uncruise Adventure with a look back to the end of Week One. I found some more photos of our group at Mendenhall Glacier when we were stopped in Juneau on 09 July 2016. So here we […]
  • Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier
    Here we are again. Back to Alaska. It’s only been three short years. Make that 3 years and 3 months since these photos were taken. Welcome back to our 2016 Friends & Family Uncruise. This is our first full cruising day in Week 2. If you haven’t already, […]
  • Dawes Glacier Continued
    Everyone had the opportunity to get a skiff ride close to the glacier front. This is definitely a highlight of any glacier visit. That’s enough of Dawes Glacier, even though we have many more photos. We had lunch and headed out of Endicott Arm. But Captain Dano had […]
  • Captain’s Choice
    The UnCruise itinerary is always subject to change, maybe due to wildlife sightings, weather or ice conditions, or just because the Captain wants to go somewhere different. Captain Dano decided he was going to try to go up Tracy Arm to the Sawyer Glaciers. Not many boats had […]
  • Alaska is filled with Small Alien Things
    Monday 11 July 2016 Today was a shore walk. I love shore walks. We walk on the shore, of course, but the best part is looking for special things in the water and at the water’s edge. I am not very good at finding stuff, but I let […]
  • Afternoon Adventures – Chasing Tails
    Steve was waiting for us when we returned from our Shorewalk. He had picked a more strenuous activity for the morning. After lunch (it is so strange for me not to have documented every meal!), Beth and Catherine signed up for Sister Kayaking. Just after the sisters returned, […]
  • More Evidence of Aliens in Alaska
    Tuesday 12 July 2016 We all enjoyed a quiet morning, but things got dicy in the afternoon. Some of the group headed out for a strenuous hike, and the smart ones signed up for the skiff tour. The skiff tour started out on the dull side: Ho hum, […]
  • A Morning Hike
    Wednesday 13 July 2016 We woke up near the Mill Creek area of the Tongass Forest, and set out for a hike through the woods, past a fish ladder, and ending at a picturesque lake, possibly Virginia Lake. I find no evidence of Beth in the morning photos, […]
  • Wrangell, Elevation +/- 10 Feet
    After lunch, we motored towards Wrangell, our destination for the afternoon. A small city, it has become popular as a destination for smaller ships. It offers a chance to get a glimpse of life in small town Alaska, as well as opportunities to learn more about Tlingit history […]
  • A Day in Traitor’s Cove
    Thursday 14 July 2016 We were getting closer to Ketchikan, but still had two full days left. I imagine there were some folks out doing longer hikes and kayak paddles, but we did a skiff tour, then mostly hung out near the boat watching the girls have fun […]
  • Paddle Boards and More
    The afternoon was all about hanging out in the cove and paddleboarding and kayaking. We saw a bear, and two crazy girls who couldn’t get enough of splashing around. There go Olivia and Tory … wayyyyyy far away. Watch out girls, there are bears out there. We enjoyed […]
  • Walker Cove in Misty Fjords National Monument
    Friday, 15 July 2016 We woke up – always a good thing – in Walker Cove, a beautiful and serene body of water where the reflections were mesmerizing, especially when the water was totally calm. My photos for this day have gone missing, but fortunately Lou saved the […]
  • Misty Fjords – Filling in the Blanks
    Many thanks to Kathy and Catherine for searching their photos to help me out with my missing day. First, Kathy supplied some more nice scenic shots showing just how beautiful it was cruising through the fjords. Catherine found a few more from the morning as well, including a […]
  • Guest Blog – Whack and Yak !!!
    Yay, how exciting! Catherine supplied another guest blog for our entertainment. Here we go… July 8th (the day we did the first polar plunge). Whacking and Yaking Alaska StyleToday the Holmes crew decided to take on the Wilderness “Whack and Yak” challenge…an all day excursion that involved kayaking to […]
  • Ketchikan – Time to Say Goodbye
    Update – Just saw this: “Happy Alaska Day! On October 18th, 1867, Russia formally transferred the Territory of Alaska to the United States.” Saturday, 16 July 2016 Our very last morning aboard the Wilderness Discoverer. We were all sad to see our adventures come to an end, but […]