Afternoon Adventures – Chasing Tails

Steve was waiting for us when we returned from our Shorewalk. He had picked a more strenuous activity for the morning.

After lunch (it is so strange for me not to have documented every meal!), Beth and Catherine signed up for Sister Kayaking.

Just after the sisters returned, some of us headed out for a skiff. The gals waved us off, and we set out for what I assumed might be a dull but relaxing ride.

And then we saw … this!!!

We just missed a breaching whale. But we headed out towards the location and hung out for over an hour. We never saw another breach, but we saw many, many humpback whales diving and showing some tail. It was quite an experience to be sitting right on the water in the zodiac, with the whales nearby. We could hear them as well as see them. The following is just a small subset of our photos from this afternoon.

It approached 5pm, and our guide began to make a beeline back to the ship, not wanting to get yelled at for keeping us out too long (but truthfully, they were flexible when we had such a good wildlife sighting). Lou even cracks a smile … yeah, I’m sure he is smiling just a bit 🙂

We found a welcoming committee as we got back to the ship. What a fun day so far. It’s always a treat when both morning and afternoon adventures are winners.

We had some food for dinner (how’s that for investigative reporting?). As if we hadn’t already seen enough, the Captain announced whales in front of the ship at the end of dinner. We watched lots of different whales from about 8:15pm to 9:30pm. Some came very close to the ship.

The light was tricky – beautiful to see, difficult to photograph. By 9:30pm the sun had set and the sky was a rich golden color. A remarkable end to a very good day.

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