Afternoon Action – Bears Show Up

We did find a bear in the afternoon session – the light was not very good for photography, but the bear was active and that was always fun to watch. You can actually see where a fish is, in the next photo.

A big splash, and we wait to see if the bear catches the fish.

No luck, but this bear tries again and again, never quite coming up with a meal.

We let the bear go in peace, and headed over to the beach, where we found our bear called “Orphan.” This bear was content to play and eat a fish it found in the sand. I’m not positive if this is a flounder or a halibut – both are flat fish.

We are a respectful distance from the bear, but still close enough to get photos with our zoom lenses. After watching this bear gnaw on the fish for quite some time, we packed it in and went back to the Lodge for dinner.

After a filling dinner, we decided to skip an evening run, since we’d stayed out late in the afternoon.

This is the view from the common area in the Lodge.

Bear Viewing wasn’t too exciting today. Of course, seeing a couple of bears was certainly better than seeing none. It is easy to get spoiled! Let’s hope it picks up tomorrow, our last full day at Silver Salmon Creek.

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