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A Very Long Day …

The pups had an appointment for a bath at noon today. Little did they know, they would not get home until 7:30pm. Lou was missing when I came home after dropping them off. When I went back to pick them up at 3pm, I got a call from Lou – he wanted me to meet him in North Palm Beach.

OK – picked the dogs up and met him. A prize to whoever figures out where we spent the afternoon:


4pm – pups checking out the environment:


5:30pm: Let's just take a nap:


7pm: We give up, we'll just sleep here tonight:

Any guesses? I will just say, I think the dog photos capture the experience.


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  1. I’m trying to think what car dealerships are in N Palm Beach & I’m drawing a blank… Guess I’ll have to wait for the pictures.

  2. That’s a great strategy for hurrying along the whole process – bring your dogs into the dealership. It’s like the time I brought my screaming 7 month old into the DMV to renew my drivers license…moved straight up to the front of the line!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

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