A Few More Animals

Yesterday morning, we took the short drive from Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park.  Let’s just say it was an awesome day, even though we had a short visit at the Park.

We are getting ready to load up the car for the final leg of this phase of the trip – back to Cave Creek.  Will the puppy remember us?

Back to the Photo Tour in Yellowstone – September 19th – The Rest of the Story:

After finishing up at West Thumb Geyser, we drove around some more, stopping for a few sights.  We took some photos of waterfalls, which we still have to process (it was a little bright in the afternoon for photography).  We were driving in the Madison Area, on our way to West Yellowstone.  You can see the general direction we were headed on this map – we entered at the South entrance, and were going to be staying in West Yellowstone:


We were anxious to see some wildlife.  Len drove down a short service road where he had seen Elk before.  Sure enough – there they were!


They looked at us, then kept on grazing.  We saw a few cows and calves – no bulls.  We watched for about 15 minutes or so before moving on.  Turns out, the light wasn’t good and apparently it doesn’t count if you don’t see a Bull Elk (who knew?).


As we drove along, we saw a couple Bison out in the field – they were a fair distance away.   Since we hadn’t seen any yet, some of the guys hiked out to get a closer shot.



They watched as the Big Guy walked across the river towards them – it looked to us like the Bison was  very close, but part of that is the angle (or so the guys said).  You can also see how many more people joined them.  Whenever you stop the car, or photograph out in the open, you are likely to attract a crowd.


In the meantime, we were watching the other bison – and he too, decided to cross the river.  But, he was coming closer to those of us at the van!


He wasn’t all that close – I had changed to a larger telephoto lens while we waited for the guys.  After getting their fill of Bison shots, the guys came back and we drove some more – still looking for wildlife.  And then, we saw a few people taking photographs of something … we checked it out, and this is what we found:


A young Bull Elk, some cows, and a few calves.  Now, this guy didn’t meet “Trophy Elk” standards, but the lighting was better and we were almost out of the Park.  So … we hopped out of the van again, loaded up our camera gear and hiked out a short distance to take some photos.






He was a very noisy guy!  And he was continuously checking on his harem.  Fall is what’s called “rutting” season, and these guys get rather frisky.

I was very excited by all of these wildlife sightings (hey, I’m the one who stalked porcupines).  Notice I haven’t mentioned Lou – he was not so excited with this part (although he was one of the best spotters when it came to finding animals).  He much prefers taking photographs of rocks, thermal basins, flowers – anything with lots of detail.

We headed on into West Yellowstone, where we checked into the Brandin’ Iron Inn … more about that later.

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