A Day without Lobster …

is a sad day for the Girls from California. So far, I believe today (Tuesday) is the second day they have gone without their crustacean fix. Yesterday was just too rainy and windy to go out, and Catherine had some school work to do today.

Don’t be sad, we are still eating well. Lou treated us to his special blueberry pancakes and they were yummy..

We have also had a couple of nice dinners. Lou made spaghetti and meat sauce one night, and we had that with a big salad. Tasty! This was actually the first of our Christmas-in-January dinners. After dinner the girls gave us some nice presents and we had a mini Christmas. (We did not have any presents for them, because we don’t like to spoil them 😄).

And our collection of fun gifts:

One of these gifts deserves a closer look. Catherine did the painting of the dogs for her Dad. It reminded her of a painting she did for her Dad when she was six years old.

We will share more excitement as the week continues.

Stay Safe !!!

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